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Merry xmas!🥳

great idea! 4d

Definitely up to individual preference to exercise sensibility. I thought its a good idea to make impt decision of the day during "favorable hour". Wdyt

Tbh i dont know
 For example if my favorable elements is wu earth and ding fire, si and yin animal then i will look for them in my luck pillar all the way to the hourly pillar.

Hi all. has anyone ever plotted "favorable hours"(based on natal favorable elements) on a daily basis? I had this idea just now and thought it could be quite interesting but im unsure of how to go about plotting it. Anyone?

Hi there,

丁 壬 癸 甲
卯 子 卯 子

This should be your chart. Looking at that, you have a bumpy life in career and love life especially for the past 9-10 years. You need to spent lots of time talking to close a deal or burn midnight oil to complete your work that exhaust you at the end of the day/week.

Starting from next year should be much better for you as you moved into your next luck pillar that has HS/EB combination on your day pillar. You should get marry in this LP, and having more support from boss and parents.

All the best to you!


Many Thanks for deciphering. By saying i should get married in this LP meaning by next year?

Thanks for your reply.

Your love life is like a roller coasters, can be very good or very bad. From you chart, you might have friends betrayed you taking away your gf or your money or your job? Or your gf run away with other guys?

I am getting there to confirm your chart.


My ex did ran away with other guys.

I am aware of the 子 and 卯 im my branches is signs for 桃花 although i have near zero knowledge on what they mean.


Thanks for your reply. Just a few more questions:
1) Do you like to play basketball? or water sport?
2) Do you have a number of peach blossoms in late teens to mid 20s?
3) Your love life has many challenges?
4) You need to move around the city often doing your job?
5) You have good supports from your family members and friends?


1: i used to play basketball.
2: not really.. my relationships are all in years.
3: mainly money matters
4: yup.
5: neutral on this.



Hi there,

After doing the adjustment to true solar hour, the hour of birth is still uncleared as the range of time you given falls into 2 different hour pillars. A few questions to verify your chart first if you don't mind as followed:

1)Are you an insurance agent?
2) Have you or your parents ever had surgery?
3) It's hard for you to make and save money?
4) Parents not in good relationship?
5) You have 2 siblings?


Hi there.
1) im a sales consultant for a carpenter firm
2) yup. One of my parent had surgery for his eye and knee before.
3) i do find it a uphill task to make money but i have no issue with savings.
4) does incessant nagging at each other count? Lol
5) just 1

Thank you

Hi there,

Please provide your place of birth to see if adjusted hour is required.


Kk hospital sg. Thank you

Hi all. Im a male 21/12/1987 born between 00:00 and 00:20. Cant find my exact timing.. i have not adjust it to solar time so if any shifu can help to read will greatly appreciate it.
I work in a sales line and will like to know if next year is a favorable year.

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