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Xuan Kong Fei Xing / Re: SW1 House
« on: August 10, 2020, 11:48:56 PM »
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Yes sw1 is a very good choice.

Let's say sw 1 = earth house.
Person = gua 1.
Bazi favorable element = metal.
Purpose = rent house for open metal biz.

In this situation, what is the priority to follow? Or should the person seeking nw 3 house?

Then many same house facing sw1, that is impossible every sw1 house bring prosperity. So this is only the first step, many other things must consider like activating the star, external environment.

After i autodidact learn fs, i start to look so many new shop house, this include my friends house and my self past experience rent many shop house. I analyze these house one by one. Honestly, just using basic skill flying star chart is so accurate.  :) i wonder what if we equipped with advanced knowledge in fengshui  ;D

It will be good if many members share their experience with fs, a bit waste fs topic not popular in this forum.

Yes, although SW1 & NE1 building are very good in flying star feng shui, the affinity with the occupants must be put into analysis.

That is how we merge the occupants Life Kua (year of birth) with the flying star chart of the house. Every person Life Kua is the Fu Wei sector of the house. For simplicity let's take people with Life Kua 4.  For Life Kua 4 people, the Fu Wei sector in every house is SE. Now this person move into SW1 house.

In SW1 flying star chart, in SE resides star 9-5 . That means the characters of star 5 will influence this Life Kua 4 people who stays in SW1 house. In general, 5 brings distructive manner, serious setback, misfortune or sudden financial hardships without the person's knowing, especially if the SE influenced by negative forms/ 9 or 5 Annual Star.

Hi! So just a follow up question to this, if I may.

So Fu Wei for Gua 7 is west, right? In a period 8, SW1-facing house, west has M9 W3 B1.

So 9+1 is sum of 10 and 9+3 is a productive combination. But does it matter that the M9 is not compatible to my Gua 7? is there an interaction between the 9 of the house and the 7 of my Gua -- surely there must be if we are analyzing this way? And since my Gua 7 adds up to W3 to make 10... does it mean good money luck for me?

In the same manner, since the base star in the SE for period 8 is #7, does that also affect Gua #7 people?

Super interesting stuff! Thank you in advance :)

Xuan Kong Fei Xing / Re: ▲What is so good about SW1 House in period 8?
« on: August 10, 2020, 11:48:22 PM »

On period 9, accordingly to Master Sean...

Heya Jovan,

Thanks again for the link :) It was a really interesting read! Wow! explains so much in terms of how the energies are changing over....

I still am curious though about how the 8 star in the front of the house and the 8 star in the back of the house might behave considering it's waning... and generally how the house would perform overall.

I believe Master Sean subscribes to the idea that all house natal charts itself switches over into period 9 regardless of when they were built. While I am in absolutely no position to debate his perspective, I do subscribe to the idea that the natal charts stay the same but that the effects and manifestations of the stars wax and wane depending on the period we are in. I do hope I'm making sense :)

Thank you for the perspective though and I'm super eager to hear and learn more!


Xuan Kong Fei Xing / Re: ▲What is so good about SW1 House in period 8?
« on: August 10, 2020, 07:25:20 PM »
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You people are so funny. Feng shui is meant to help people, any people. And you block this discussion with thousands of postings as basic requirement to read.

SW1 in period 8 is special because it has Facing Star 8 at the front and Sitting Star 8 at the back. It is called "Up The Water & Down The Mountain" structure. Furthermore, all 9 sectors/areas in the building has combo 10 (Luo Shu) between the Sitting Star +  Base Star.

In other words, the SW1 house is very good for networking, relationship & health luck. And with the main door at the front, the residents will be blessed with great wealth that comes from harmonious networking & relationship with people/family members.

But all these Stars is only potential energy. That means, they all will only work if they are activated by the good physical forms outside the building, activities carried by the occupants and the Annual/Monthly Stars that come and go.

One more thing. these SW1 house works best for people with West Group Kua people.

Heya... thanks for the response(was the only one I could see)

Now that period 9 is just around the corner, I was actually curious as to what happens to such an amazing house!

Assuming you have the landforms(Mountain behind, water in front) -- Since this is a mountain star sum-of-10 house, does that mean that it's always a good house for People/Health Luck since the sum of 10 never changes? Or how about if you sleep under a #8 Mountain Star does that mean that your health also wanes as the star wanes?

What about the water star #8 in this house does it become inauspicious after 2024 since the water star is not sum of 10?

Thanking you all kindly in advance :)

On period 9, accordingly to Master Sean...

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Please read my chart
« on: August 08, 2020, 10:45:09 AM »

Would appreciate if anyone could read my chart and provide any insights to career and relationship/marriage. I'm currently considering a career change and single

December 13, 1990
5:45 AM EST

Thank you in advance!
You going into sales, PR, marketing, front line, people oriented?

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: Mangpai Blindman Bazi books
« on: August 05, 2020, 10:17:40 AM »
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I was busy with my survival in this pandemic session. Thinking into farming and rearing livestock for food. Even thinking about moving to riverside. Get some fishes, chicken and cows.

Lockdown in my country probably will commence very soon again.

But Master Tony is going to introduce a new course. It's busy time for everyone.

Is 5Arts going to close down ?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Really need help
« on: August 05, 2020, 10:06:49 AM »
Usually from a BAZI perspective, the useful element.
From this 8 Mansion, usually make use of Sheng Qi, Yian Nian.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Marriage and Children
« on: August 05, 2020, 07:57:20 AM »
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Hi all,

I am tying the knot in months to come and I am curious about my marriage life and thereafter.
Can anyone tell me more about marriage life and children? I know some couples bring each other luck or their kids bring luck to their parents.
Is it normal for me (female) to have mostly yang pillars whereas my partner (male) to have mostly yin pillars? I heard it may bring complications for us to have children terms of bazi?

Female: 24 Feb 1990, 1am, Singapore
Male: 25 Sep 1985, 7pm, Singapore

Thanks in advance!

Girl personality, determined, headstrong, sometimes seen as stubborn. Boy then to give in on the onset, but he also quite stubborn as well.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Really need help
« on: August 04, 2020, 11:08:13 PM »

Do you mean the attached picture. If so would you be kind enough to tell me what they mean, I saw the directions and assumed that is what they mean but don't understand the context like Sheng Qi etc.
This 4 are stable energy. Good to be in these zone. Meaning, don't need to complicate yourself with it. You just need it to work right ?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Really need help
« on: August 04, 2020, 08:50:51 PM »
Hi All,

I have been out of work for the past 2 years, I have not idled that time I have tried to use my experience to build a startup but that is going to take money to bring to life while my family and I have been surviving on the saving we have had and its running out. I have in this period applied to more than 600+ jobs and most of them I have been considered too qualified.

I really could do with someone telling me where life is headed for me an my family. I have used Joey Yap's chart plotter to plot it but am not that good at reading and understanding all of it. Appreciate it if someone can help and guide how i tide this unfortunate period in my life.

Thanks in advance for reading this.

JY plotter got give u 4 good direction. Should consider using them.

Thanks for reply. Dad as the backer, it explains why the strong wealth in your chart. I'll let the other Master / Practitioner reply the thread (sure, will lots of reply, your chart has that attraction).

I'm a female, born 1 July 1992, 1:30 (GMT+8) 16.4774° N, 120.5855° E.

All my life I've been following my parents' orders especially my father when it comes to major decisions like for example which degree to pursue in college. It's hard for me to disobey them and when I really can't take it anymore, I spend effort to persuade them about what I want. I'm in my final year of college and I have plans to work overseas independently and be on my own but my father has his own plans for me. He is working overseas and he plans to open an office here in our country and that I will be the one to manage it in the front. He will be the main brain of the office but I'll be the one doing the public relations thing. Whenever he opens up this topic I just say yes to everything because I don't want to argue and explain myself. Some people may think I'm lucky but I don't really feel happy about being under my parents all my life. At 28 I'm still very much dependent on them but I really want to try to live on my own by my own means.

Is there something about my BaZi that tells something about my situation? Will I be able to escape my father's clasp? Or should I just go with the flow?
Spouse pillar also shaky, First, it look like they also have their criteria for suitable son in law. if you are Asian, this hurdle need to overcome. Second, you gravitate towards sexual attraction rather than love, this also another potential pitfall.

Your ancestry roots also look wealthy. It's this a family business traddition?

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How you read my chart as weak or strong?
Fire and water are both strong than useful god is mao?

Wu shen lp better than ji you
Fire lp s what s the image!

If pass on 15 nov a new life will begin

From a non bazi perspective, I will advise that if you study hard, there's no reason why you should not pass this exam.

Bazi does not determine if you pass your exam or not. All the best.
I second your view.

If all top masters contradict upon themselves, why bother to use expensive AI tool when my own interpretation may be just as good as any other methods known to people.  :)
I agree with you. We could be as good if not better than A.I. in certain aspect.

I was born on 10 dec 1987 8 10 am ukraime
My father has 5 factorie s of drug manufacturing
I never had the right to do what I want

Bing gui ren ding
Chen  si  zi   mao
In ji you lp 2013 2014 2015 were very good in termn of money and women,gain my first money in medicine field.
On 5 dec my father company was closed and reopen in 2016 june

2018 improve in turneover and profi at least 1 digit
I have an lawsuit s with him.and loose everything

In this date
Bing bing jia ji
Shen xu xu hai in wu shen lp
But this year till now is good

Will I have a chance to re bevome rich?
Will I take this examn on 15 nov 2020?
Rem ding geng
Xu hai zi

In ji you lp was very bad for me-
Wu shen better than ji you?
Fire lp s will make me rich or poor?i work 14 hour s per day s.
Want dermatlogy or plastic surgeon at second specialization
I remember you ask about 15 or 22 Nov in another thread.

The first thing you got to stop doing is repeating your story, unknowingly you are reinforcing negative energy in your life. Since you want to move forward positively, but keep repeating the negative story. Isn't this as contradicting as the title of the thread in itself?

2018 until June 2019 is the worst year.

June 2019 another new investor came in for a new start and then by end of December 2019 he end it. 6 months back to survival mode.

January 2020 Until August 2020 ( everything back to zero again , business , career , no source of income and etc )

Master Kevin say this is 3 years thing can happen for you.

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