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@mikehii ,

your birthtime please ?? if you needed masters read

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: ZWDS app
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:43:08 AM »
hi @Gmuli ,

in si hua app, u miss few stars like lu cun , and 4 sha stars,

are u using similarity of school like master tony?? his app has those stars


Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: determine young boy
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:56:26 AM »
@tea ,

this boy has decent chart which he can do restaurent because his career palace has tian tong lu,  foods related..

tian liang usually hard time at young age and turn better later life.

life lu is in career palace and life quan is wealth palace are goood formation.

look like his good decade starts  in 44 ages.

good luck..



2am partner is very capable and good leader(zi wei , and tan lang), has great wealth doing trade, bussiness.

3am, partner is more like a helper but not great leadership( tian tong , tian liang), wealth properly more toward property or cosmetic, beauty, females stuffs.

good luck.. i would choose 2 am partnership. greater potential in wealth.

@jiawu1974 ,

2am  early age father has no affinity or did he past away, did father move away

3am, early age moved out to new city  , maybe parents not get along, health issues young age. you are indebt to your parent.

@nolyj ,

are u his siblings or family member or twin brother??

u know so well, what else???  so that mean he is lucky to have a parent to give to him. 

anyway, maybe if u lucky maybe u have someone give it to u too.. u never know, u might win one.. good luck lol

@nolyj ,

what are u asking, anyway his money do what ever he want if he have it.

haha maybe if you have money what are u going do with it?? some people spend on themself or safe for the rainy day or investment, or family first, or ..


basically , property palace self ji and lu to wealth palace. wealth palace self ji and lu to property that mean u have money spent on property and buy property. anyway sound like u owe a property.  anyway if u have sibling.. they should be more rich then u. 


CM is suited for u in your bazi your tian yi star (doctor star )chen..

zdws , tan lang and po jun can represent cm stars. 

you career palace is strong and capable .. good luck.. hahaha one day u can be my master lol.

good luck

i am not using bazi also , zwds

@marble ,

just becarefull ,  there will legal issues in the future. next decade 35-45 or  in decade 45-54, meeting tian xing and tian yao with self hua ji in career.   

partnership or join venture has many very good stars but i personally believe better for short term only. plus include small star por su means destruction.
next decade 35-44 hua sign break up and legal issues with partnership. 

your charts is better to work for someone and join club spiritual or religious for mental stress. 
since you are weak water dm,  recommended increase metal stuff in your life to in hence your luck.   eg wearing white color, have monkey stuffs , eating ice cream.

good luck.  go sens go lol leafs sucks j/k

3. Art of Life (Birthchart Analysis) / Re: Tombs
« on: August 28, 2018, 02:02:44 AM »
bazi beginner ,

so tomb open what does it  means what?? eg..  chou open mean release water and metal element from the tomb be used? 


@curiousbazi2 ,

since u went and gone to see few masters.

can you share with us , what did they say about your wealth and property??


your bazi

new decade jia chen.

spouse is ren water ,

chen open water tomb by shen but you have wood combo yin mao chen .. to much wood eat up water from your spouse.

you needed alot water. so zi and hai year coming up.. u should meeting someone
you needed zi , u should keep wearing mickey mouse shirt or mickey mouse stuff for your romance luck.

your spouse palace is in net tomb chen it needed to open.  zi year hua ji open it

so good luck.. 2022 or 2024 year
@dula.. go MacDavids go lol

curious , where is your birth certificate??

follower is corrected about the father.
22: you are tian tong and tai ying. sometime u feeling like kiddy and easy going person

mother or sibling are very demanding and strong character . they are very higher classes with zi wei and qi sha.  look like the are richer then you. more workaholic  person. bosses or manager type
spouse is should be very older then u and look old. and taller

10: you are maturing looking and like medical field or cm.
mother and sibling.. are easy going and pretty . enjoy life more .. make moneys but know how to enjoy life.
spouse should talkative ,  .. lol bigger mouth

good luck.  i hope it helps

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