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maybe it is good a question to the forums and masters to verify for us??

my believe that it is hua ji can also opened the tomb but it is only good for property and wealth palace.  if other palace will be unfortunately. 

@anton8888 , how was your decade 22-31 wealth??  decade hua lu open your property tomb hua ji?

 this decade is also i believe open the property tomb too with hua ji.  maybe u should look into stock or financial world because of lian zhen. 

you know when open property or wealth tomb is sign big $$$$.. remember me hahaha

@LimXiexin ,  agree your mom , not good sign for this decade

decade parent self hua ji, plus decade self hua ji flying to sibling palace so there is issues ,

as for spouse palace, yes is not good to have hua ji in spouse palace in ma corner.
sign separation and divorce . plus self place hua ji crash spouse , low affinity . better marriage late.


Members Lounge / Re: Happy year of the pig
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:15:09 AM »
kung hei fay choi!!!

@musette ,
her chart:
curious what is her exact time of birth??

her chart i would concern her health because hua ji with lu can it is not good combo plus self hua ji in sibling palace where health qi hold.   

even though health palace has tian tong and tian liang fortunately stars but hua ji and lucan are not good combo .

she is more likely move outside to look for work.

which it is not too bad for her , more fortunately then staying her birth palace

traveling hua lu to life self palace and hua ji  to career with clip quan and ke , control the hua ji,

good luck,  just becareful her health

@musette , it seem like she have low affinity with her dad, ??

i wander if you are separated ?

her chart seems like she will be bussiness woman but becareful she legal issues

his decade wealth is tan lang with ling , with annual lu flying in to it plus lu can opposite

i believe that he some kinda of winning that we dont know. heheh gambling or investment

@Remoteviewer ,

1: win some money
2: either broke up gf and meeting someone new
3: loss job

@CJbazi , thanks  for info, glad to hear that , he is good man and father

maybe it is wrong chart for you.  curious does he do well?

hua ji in health palace crashed parents , usually means life for him it unstable and not smooth sailing. 

hua lu to property palace with self hua ji(his happiness palace).. it is crashed wealth palace no luck in with wealth .

children and health hua ji flying to travel crash self palace which mean your parent  crashed wealth property or bank book.  therefore not good sign for wealth.

@CJbazi ,

how is your relationship with your parent?

parent is qi sha is aggressive ,and  strong character, hua lu to lian zhin self hua ji.  i curious is he gambler.  quan to to po jun he can be abusive or controller of you

@CJbazi , how is your 2018??  look like one of your best year of money , did you or family move during this decade

self hua ji in property, low affinity with family members. 

sign of marriage this decade or in a relationship??

@fan bro,, i have difficulty to find answer too regard of accident. i dont know if it is car accident or not?

i dont know it is right or wrong answer , anyway i give a tried

1.decade self hua ji to decade health overlap life health place with life quan and self lu

crashed back to decade self and year career ( 1-6 of children:accident)

2, year travel crashed decade health

@jollie312 em,

decade 42-51 ,  decade wealth hua ji , crashed decade self overlap career palace . becareful wealth

decade self hua ji go into decade health overlap sibling hua lu and ji .  sibling palace is qi of health palace. so very becareful with your health

decade health hua ji flying over decade happanese palace overlap travel crash decade wealth overlap life self palace. 

so very very becareful your health during that period.

good luck

married 2022, my guess

Let Me Guess (future events) / Re: Destiny Quiz 1
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:28:29 PM »
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