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1 factor to explain this is wrong birth date given.
It`s the right chart,He was born in Si hour. 10.20 suntime to be precise
11.10 is clocktime

This is what Mangpai teacher  says,as you know there are no special charts in Mangpai:

This is one chart of many that cannot be explained with the traditional Bazi chart type of "Follow Wealth" or "Follow Power". Why the alternative type of Follow Power? Because Chou+Si+You combine and transform into Metal, because Metal penetrates to heaven as Xin, and Month Chen produces Metal.

Quote from: JR on December 31, 2018, 04:46:32 PM

The wealth he accumulated and success dont gel with such a weak DM.Check his best periods on wiki

Indeed, his best periods are Luck Pillars that strengthen the Wood Daymaster, namely LP Jia Zi (Wood over Water) and LP Gui Hai (Water over Water).

With Mangpai, it's harder to explain but basically the Officer Stars in his chart, Xin and You perform useful work for his chart. Chou is also Officer Tomb/Storage, which performs work too. So he's a man who gets an officialdom in his life

Birth chart analysis for famous / infamous people / Nigel Farage accidents
« on: December 26, 2018, 12:09:02 AM »

When i first looked at farages western chart he has a bad house of death and he had already two brushes with death in november 1985 and may 2010.The first is clearly shown in the chart for 85 with taiyang hua ji in travel indicating head injuries but i dont see many signs in the 2010 one.Do you think the evil stars by san fan are enough to cause an air crash?


Si Zhu Ba Zi (SZBZ) 四柱八字 / Hitler`s hatred of heat
« on: December 22, 2018, 09:17:53 PM »
Sometime ago i mention that I sweat too easily and am sensitive to the heat,though i love summer nights(ding dm with tones of earth and metal). I was just watching a documentary about Hitlers eventual escape to Argentina. He loved cold weather,thats why the Berghof was turned northwards. He often felt intense heat and ate sweats to get over the heat. I`m surprised that a Bing(sun) like him with loads of earth,didnt like the heat.Yet it seems like a weak chart his
ding bing wu ji
you yin chen chou 20 april 1889
What do you make of that?

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: Larry Sang`s yearly method
« on: December 22, 2018, 01:58:33 AM »
While browsing through another forum, I read that some people have some misconceptions about using animal branch of the year for annual readings (ie; liu nian method). The person thought that it is “out of laziness” that some practitioners use liu nian method. The case of Amanda Knox was quoted by the member as having (xiao xian) small limit’s annual Travel palace shifting to hai square (square 12) that activated the bad combo. Maybe she was taught to use xiao xian method this way?

It is not due to laziness that people use liu nian method for annual readings. It is actually due to Grand Duke star residing in that year’s branch, thus amplifying the effects of the stars for that particular year. Not only that, Grand Duke star also have some advance applications which many practitioners do not know.

For liu nian method, it can be seen too actually, ie; 2007’s annual Life palace shifting to hai (square 12).

(Assuming the chart is correct and needs no time adjustment.)

- The decade when the incident happened is 11-20 (year 1998–2007) and it happened in year 2007 (western age 20, chinese age is 21).

- Due to a Si Hua advance technique I cannot disclose, person will bound to have jail imprisonment sometime in life for this kind of chart. Those who know the secret technique, you can see it quite clear-cut. If you use San He method, it is even more clear-cut;- Ram + Official Tally in 2nd decade 11-20, hence high chances of legal entanglements in that decade. Some books praise about “Brilliant Ram” bringing good wealth luck when it is of high (miao) brightness residing in “Four Graveyards” squares but I don’t agree.

- Decade Travel palace’s Hua Ji fly to main chart Career palace = Person’s venture overseas will be fraught with difficulties, losses and struggle.

- Magistrate’s Court + Spinning Top in annual Travel palace= high chances of legal entanglement for that year 2007 (and subsequently any pig year are years to be extra careful).

- Bell + Ram (in SFSZ) + White Tiger in square 12 show high chances of legal entanglement when decade/annual Life palace shifts there. Worst is in 2007, birth Hua Ji + decade Hua Ji + annual Hua Ji (Triple Hua Jis!!!) all reside in square 12. Square 12 (Hai) is a very dangerous square of the entire chart.

- Self Hua Lu in square 12 will worsen the situation and maximize the Triple Hua Jis’ negative influence.

- For travel, we don’t always have to look at Travel palace. Winged Horse could give some insight. The very inauspicious MEGA combo of Bell + Ram + White Tiger + Triple Hua Jis residing together with Winged Horse make it very inauspicious to travel or do anything important. The horse is not only broken, it is very unlucky.

- Annual Offspring’s Hua Lu fly to main chart Life palace’s SFSZ = slight chance of resolving the lawsuit/legal entanglement, but she would have to spend some time in jail.

- Completion’s Hua Lu fly to mao square. There is a chance of recovery and improvement when annual Life palace shifted there. She was found not guilty in 2011. Coincidence? This is the sign I see, if you notice other signs, let me know too.

- Person also need to be careful in the decade 51-60 age. Every pig year is to be extra careful too. Avoid travelling, avoid contact with friends and keep a low profile.

This cpmbination of year decade natal huas plus huas flown by different palaces is a headache but ok
Note that Life palace flies Hua ji to life travel.Lian zhen is related to sex incident. In 2011 Wen Chang Hua Ji was in year travel. Yet she got away.
I cant help thinking.with all those Hua ji at Ming in 2007,wouldnt it have been worse had she stayed in America?

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: Dim Star with Good Hua
« on: December 22, 2018, 12:54:53 AM »

Hi anton8888,
To use Sanhe correctly, you need to have strong theory foundation. Those facts (3 & 5) you mention can be viewed as true due to dim taiyang. The taiyang characteristics you mention is only apply if taiyang is in bright position. To interpret the true characteristics of taiyang, it must be in bright position. Think about a Sun, it is a provider than a taker. When taiyang is bright, it provides warm and heat to all people (generous). But when taiyang is dim, it is the reverse.

Why taiyang is said cannot keep money? Because he is generous. He gives his light and heat to others mean he has tendency to spend what he has.

For number 2, it depend on decade luck. One can earn a lot or loss a lot because of decade luck.

2. I agree. Cannot comment more.
(Decade) Got Ziwei huake in wealth and Tianliang huaquan in sibling palace gives me quite good result.
Need to be grateful for everyone you receive, regardless of good or bad.

3. Taiyang cannot keep money --> Partly false. I invest it, as opposed to spend it (means 50% - 80% false)
AFAIK taiyang is known as someone who cannot invest.
And if dim taiyang become an "inward-looking" one, I think this is very good dim Taiyang.

5. Taiyang is generous to other people / subordinate --> Fact is: I am calculative rather than generous (80% false)
= Dim taiyang equal to calculative...? But this trait is a positive character.
I give additional 20% for a job load add 50%.
Another good dim Taiyang.  ;D

Note: Does it mean dim also good depending on how "chart owner" use his dimness?
Or dim just not good. Period!!! (get confused mode).  ???  :o

I am lousy sanhe'ers. Memorize ZWDS mantra would give me another craziness.
Thats why I dig deeper knowledge in Sihua, cause of memory digest and RAM capability.
Of course I am still lousy sihua'ers also.  ;D
What if taiyan is dim in friends with hua ke?. WHO is calculative us or friends?

Here is the link of the book

Maybe I should tag @Axis because I guess she would like to read this

Or I will tag @bokeksiansu because he said he was interested in Chinese Ziwei books

Can you post it again?
Thanks a lot

thanks for sharing. Karmic debt...very interesting topic. Checking my debt ;D

Better check it. Have a more informed knowledge of your destiny.


Jia at Ming brings Hua jiu to Friends Tay Yang .I actually had a Jia cycle from ages 4-14 but didnt have much trouble with friends.But it`s true friends have been a pain in the ass for me.No sooner I meet one and try to squeeze Money out of me. But natsally Hua ji is in Children with weng chang as I was born in Xin year and Ke and quan at Friends.So the friends palace seems to have a double influence

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: Learning Zi Wei in a new way
« on: December 21, 2018, 12:48:11 AM »
................but I want to open this further by saying that the stars of the Travel palace should also be analysed, for example

Tian Tong in Mao Tai Yin in Travel palace is the same as Tai Yin in Mao and Tian Tong in Travel palace, ...........


1. Stars residing in opposite palace have dominant influence too.

2. No, it's not the same. One is bright Moon, while the other is dark Moon.

The 2nd chart is mine without the minor stars.I`m usually nice(tian Xiang at Ming) but I quickly turn nasty(po jun Lian Zhen) if I suspect other person`s intentions

Zi Wei Dou Shu Knowledge Base / Re: Strange thing with annual stars
« on: December 21, 2018, 12:38:52 AM »

While looking at possible time of birth for someone`s zi wei ,I realised everyone has Tuor Lo(worrisome) in travel this year,which is odd. This only happens when Ming is the year braNCH Tuor lo is in Dragon this year which is the travel for everyone.There`s another method similar to the decade calculation where the Ming is much more personal. For ex in my chart age 1 is at Wei so at 56(chines 57) it`s at Chen,not Xu
What do you make of this?
Not just that,Ram,the other star that flanks Lu Cun is at wealth for everybody
Doesnt make much sense ,the Xiao Xian method appears more logical

Zi Wei Dou Shu Knowledge Base / Strange thing with annual stars
« on: December 20, 2018, 11:36:03 PM »

While looking at possible time of birth for someone`s zi wei ,I realised everyone has Tuor Lo(worrisome) in travel this year,which is odd. This only happens when Ming is the year braNCH Tuor lo is in Dragon this year which is the travel for everyone.There`s another method similar to the decade calculation where the Ming is much more personal. For ex in my chart age 1 is at Wei so at 56(chines 57) it`s at Chen,not Xu
What do you make of this?

So how many people here have Four Yin Destiny Chart ( where Sun, Moon, Life and Body Master ALL fall on Yin Palaces (in blue)) ? Wanna verify this theory?
Sun and Moon in yin palaces Ming and body at Yang


This friend of mine a female got the good news last tuesday that she now has CANADIAN NATIONALITY. Both decade and year chart are the same with tan lang hua lu in travel. Since there is more than one known method to calculate the month chart,which one do you think fits better in her case. Some astrologers would begin with siblings month,at least one would start at Ming,and yet others would reverse direction. I think Ming at happiness palace(karma) would fit as it aspects travel  but I`m not an expert

born 13 june 1958 tiger hour


Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / She got double nationality
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:22:46 AM »

Hi the lady above got Canadia citizenship a few days ago after 2 years of struggle in canada,when she moved there with her not too nice boy friend.Tan lang hua lu in travel this year,just like me. But in my case nothing happened yet,I`m not sure if there are factots in her chart that are more helpful than the ones in mine below,but in her case year repeats decade

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