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Politicians don't want intelligence to happen in the world, priests don't want intelligence to happen in the world, generals don't want intelligence to happen in the world. Nobody
really wants it. People want everybody to remain stupid, then everybody is obedient,conformist, never goes outside the fold, remains always part of the mob, is controllable,
manipulatable, manageable.

The intelligent person is rebellious. Intelligence is rebellion. The intelligent person decides on his own whether to say no or yes. The intelligent person cannot be traditional,
he cannot go on worshipping the past; there is nothing to worship in the past. The intelligent person wants to create a future, wants to live in the present. His living in the
present is his way of creating the future.
The intelligent person does not cling to the dead past, does not carry corpses. Howsoever beautiful they have been, howsoever precious, he does not carry the corpses. He is finished with the past; it is gone, and it is gone forever.
But the foolish person is traditional. He is ready to follow the priest, ready to follow any
stupid politician, ready to follow any order -- anybody with authority and he is ready to
fall at his feet. Without intelligence there can be no happiness. Man can only be happy if
he is intelligent, utterly intelligent.
Meditation is a device to release your intelligence. The more meditative you become, the
more intelligent you become. But remember, by intelligence I don't mean intellectuality.
Intellectuality is part of stupidity.


The Book of Wisdom
Chapter #20
Chapter title: Diogenes and the Dog

Born 11 dec 1931


You are twisting your way out of a tight situation.  Jlim is talking about  Dorian Mortelette's achievements in a good luck phase based on a passive chart that you class as a weak chart.

In addition, you derisively pan his achievements in order to justify why your perspective should still be correct 8) , thats stretching the fact isn't that so?

Thank you.

The question must e:did his achievement bring him wealth ,health etc. If it didnt he is just weak chart

Hi all,

In my experience with old forum, there is one person which is moderator in that forum, act almighty...praise his own method highly....but never ever read a chart and verify past events
Always emphasized on his theory.... till a point...when he start opening online course..
Turn out.... he is far from what he 'expected to deliver' and almost all his student complained
Title masters are earned with hard facts and proven, not self claimed
So...whether we use bazi or ziwei ..if we cannot verify past can we expect to predict the future?
It is also good to verify past events to make sure...we are reading the 'correct chart'
It is very irresponsible to read a chart casually and then offer an advice when you dont even know if you are looking at the right chart

the problema with checking events is that our memory is treacherous and selective. I may be follow Eg or not but i normally remembre ji chou year 2019 the year i began to teach and make Money.Yet i felt pressured to perform and not apt for the task of teaching.

 This is a HO month and my boss asked me yesterday ren day to make my classes more dinamic like the previous teacher. This is a bit of a struggle for me.Speaking drains me a lot as I`m a bit passive. And im not very clear when i talk and lack patience,anyway teaching is a combi of resource and output
Last year was the worse. I had a lot of female students who were rather rebellious.
It occurred to me that though friend is good for follow EG Ji cai is not because bing doesnt like to follow,so female siblings and friends would theoretically be unfavorable.
I also have a band but the guys i wanted to have in the band are usually not interested.I end up with guys i dont feel much affinity
ding ding xin xin
wei wei chou chou

ding ding xin xin
wei wei chou chou

Bing  Bing   Gui   Gui   
Shen Chen  Hai   Hai         
Look at his life history below, he definitely looks like a Follow Power  ;)

This chart belongs to a French rowing athlete, who won the bronze medal in 2008 Olympics, silver medal in 2012 Olympics and silver medal in 2013 world championship.

1999-2009: LP Xin You
2009-2019: LP Geng Shen

His successful LP's are all Metal, which would work nicely with Follow Power or Water.  I got his chart from astro-databank:

Name    Mortelette, Dorian    Gender: M
born on    24 November 1983 at 16:10 (= 4:10 PM )
Place    Armentières, France, 50n41, 2e53
Timezone    MET h1e (is standard time)
Data source    BC/BR in hand    
Rodden Rating AA

(BC = Birth Certificate, BR = Birth Record)

no root so a follow p
regarding bing being yang if dm is ding with only ding friend i suppose its more likely to follow even if it has minor but clashed root like this?
ding ding xin xin
wei wei chou chou

My short opinion.

Bad conman because all pillar is protruding, everyone can see your action from miles away how to con people. HS need cover EB if you want to deceive people.

Only have 1 market to con, the obviously gullable type that are so blind.

You have bad idea (evil one) is because all those element is unfavourable. No worry, very low chance people will fall into your con. It's like those villan that explain their evil plan before doing it.
sounds like me EG is only in branches, but i think its a good star.8k in chou might bring evil thoughts though
ding ding xin xin
wei wei chou chou

Case Study on Birth Chart / Re: Hitler, the greatest mad leader
« on: March 26, 2019, 06:56:50 AM »
in english please 8)

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: 4P JK ebook
« on: March 26, 2019, 06:52:52 AM »

..........Neither wen qu nor ju men stand out.

Those 2 basic and common criterias are not absolute.

pleasr care to explain


Here is the chart of a guy who killed two females in 1993 and 2003 when he eas abroad.Born with hua ji affecting lian zhen and then again on the years mentioned he fots what the tradition says about l zhen when hit by ji.In my case tian xiang calms down l zhen. He would often be caught cutting womens hair in phbloc transport.He is jia dm with geng in hour stem
In 2003 hua ji was in travel when he killed abroad


Admiral Canaris was known for his talent for languages but I see no sign of that in his zi wei.Neither wen qu nor ju men stand out.What do you make of that? I cannot post his ziwei because imperial astrologer is the only software including the 1800s and doesnt allow saving

al that resource spoils her is smothered by family

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: lovely kid but.
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:46:48 AM »
Bing regulates this chart, useful God. Metal = voice, so he might be really good. Put him in a leadership position, to satisfy his need for bossing around :-)
he doesnt sound bossy
do you think he has na evil side people arent aware of?
i heard the first 7 days of chou are water though,only july is earth the entire month

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / lovely kid but.
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:27:45 PM »
This guy could be my new vocalist. Lovely kid with lovely voice but when I loked at his known 3 pilars I was puzzled.All that 7k in branches.What do you make of him?
gui xin bing
chou chou zi 1 jan 1997

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