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i agree do life readings and others stuff first... my experience is the masters resort to feng shui as a last effort to help someone but most likely the masters know they can only help the person so much but often the destiny is so strong that people block themselves from taking feng shui advice

for example guy says 'master help me every thing is going down hill" master tries to teach ... person wants fast results though master says "ok put air unit on roof so certain room is vented'  guy says "no I just got new roof it will look ugly"  master cuts his losses the destiny/ energy of guy too strong better for guy to get working to understand his destiny

better then for guy to think because he "knows" a real master that he can pay for a quick fix

feng shui is invaluable.... you got to understand what direction your best energy comes from.... from north or from northeast can be the difference between life and death
that is if you believe in energy

Request for feng shui reading [FREE] / Re: Recommend a master
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:35:59 AM »
wolfs lol they might try to sell you a golden black tiger to display it... might work but i bet you can get help here

test things out with a plant.  if its grows nice is good if it dyes better do something consider all the strongest energy flows to the lowest area

Request for feng shui reading [FREE] / Re: Fengshui - kua number
« on: May 31, 2018, 02:53:51 AM »
you good/lucky direction is important to say the least... if you know nothing about feng shui then not going to effect you much but once you know you can see it just feels better

vary lame question
play no games big rule  >:(

     Thank you, that was and in depth explanation of BaZi vs. ZWDS. I think maybe I prefer BaZi for now.
Here is my chart. Would anyone like to point out anything that stands out in particular?

      I’m Probably most concerned about girlfriend met in 2013. We have been on and off sense then. She is currently upset wants to break up.  So I’m to get my mind off of things I’m thinking of putting energy it learning BaZi. Who knows she might take me back in a week or two then I’m likely to drop the studies.
Also money and career have always been an issue.

Thank you

Can some good student give me a reading please
I looking to start studies in ZWDS or possibly BaZi
Maybe a reading of my profile using both systems can show me if I round rather study Bazi or zeds
Send message if your willing to do a reading then I can message you by birth information
Thank you

Request for divination [FREE] / Re: Take job offer?
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:24:45 PM »
your still inexperienced
you take the job you will look like a complete newbie the person in charge is willing to teach you but he will cut his losses if you can't keep up at the level he teaches
because your newbie you might have good luck and you could do good even if you do good
you have nothing but Tension.... will you make music with this Tension ( keep up with the lessons ) or will the Tension turn to noise

if you keep the job you have now it's the same situation as above
not kinda the same

but the same situation

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: compatibility
« on: April 04, 2017, 05:49:11 AM »
Thank You

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / compatibility
« on: March 31, 2017, 04:44:34 AM »
Hello everyone,

Can someone please read compatibility for a woman and I ?

Me Day 3 Month 9 (september)  year 1973 time 2:45 am (02:45)  GMT -5 location Chicago Illinois USA   Latitude:    41° 53' North Longitude:    87° 39' West
Her Day 6 Month 1 (january)     year 1972 time  8:45 am (08:45)   GMT -6 location Chicago Illinois USA   Latitude:    41° 53' North Longitude:    87° 39' West

Thank You !

Request for divination [FREE] / Re: who should i stay with?
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:43:06 AM »
stay with the korean don't forget about the china girl she might be a good person to know like a friend. maybe when your in town  ask to meet her out and buy her some green tee  or coffee.  no need to be defensive... pardon those you have  judged. cheeers

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: please need a carrer reading
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:39:18 AM »
Hello  Nilegem

I wanted to let you know I am new to Zwds.  I just figured out that I need the Lunar Calendar  date and time. I posted the solar date and time.  When l get the correct date and time  of birth I will post it. 

Thanks You BK

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: please need a carrer reading
« on: February 09, 2016, 03:14:14 PM »

It was my fault I could have checked with you to make sure the time was right. some time i move too fast when i need to slow down.  I hope you can find time to look at chart again. I know you have things to get done. I did not mean to wast your time. Thank you again.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: please need a carrer reading
« on: February 09, 2016, 01:44:39 PM »

i was born Ox: 01:00-03:00 0245 not sure if rat hour is for zwds or four pillars  did i  make a mistake?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: please need a carrer reading
« on: February 09, 2016, 11:52:15 AM »
Hello Nilegem

Thank you for remembering me

by travel palace do you mean that I am sensitive to my surroundings?for example a person gets in my car vary angry. because I am so close to them i pick up the emotion they have thus i end up angry myself?

When I was young in 70,80, and early 90's I was a loner  quite gloomy... i have changed with the times an i am more open and positive.

Yes i try to be refined my looks are ok... I remember your eyebrows nilegem you will be at the top of your profession your one of the best at what you do.

 in any case im kinda educated and without my gf it would be worser. always lonely for the most part but only angry if someone try to control me.

I am gentle one reason I don't like someone to try to dominate me, poke me, I dont like if someone wins over me in my physical area's or wants to one up me. i understand it may be childish to act in this way but it is how I work. not sure i can change this about myself.

yes my lungs are weak my voice a bit high. Yes vary true "Lack of nutrients when you were young" i wonder how you know this ... my family was  poor and I was given only bean water as a baby no milk for me.

 I have warts on my hands and one small white mole on my eye lid.

My jobs i have done transport many jobs driving I know my city well.  I have done acupuncture and other healing. i am a little bit scared of a knife.  I have tried once to work as a cook and my knife skill were not great. 

yes i believe being a monk and studying metaphysics is somewhat impractical but it is what has giving me most meaning in my personal life.

yes guiren i travel a lot but not vary far. I always belive in guiren that someone will help me along the way because they see I am a good man.
i think your hour is right.

i look forward to you telling me the stars i need to act soon.
thank you


I read the Regveda in my undergraduate years back in the 90's.

 how long is  Sade Sati going to last?

I know some of my main karma issues from my past life. I feel that karma is in the past and I am not going to cry about a last life. or what I did when I was 20 or even last week because on one level i feel I have paid my dues. I'm ready to prosper. 

I do twelve hour fast all the time because I only eat or drink if i fell good.  24 hour fast may be too much for me. I was a skeptical about chanting Shani Mantra  yet after reading the translation and it's meaning I can see how it could help me for some reason the "sun of Sun and born to Chaya"... reminds me of an old song i knew.

I bow to Lord Shani, who has dark complexion and son of Sun and born to Chaya and brother of Yama, who moves very slowly. i think that this chant may keep me out of jail I can remember to use it.

saturn has always been my least favorite planet.

I take saturdays off of work and like to celebrate with food and good times and also friday nights too.  because i like to follow jewish traditions.

please tenvirtues do take a look at my chart and tell me about it.

thank you

when i feel better i will do some reading for others as well


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