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Not sure what you mean. Can you please post in English?
Anyway, if I had no problem in my life, I would not have started this thread...

Hello @Han

So you mean, because 10 years LP is identical with DM pillar, it does not add much new dynamics to the chart, and therefore the actual "life changer" is the Annual Pillar?
(This makes a lot of sense, although I never saw it that way or heard this).

Then, maybe the LP does not add any change but it does make the initial chart dynamics much more acute ? Which means that these 10 years will be unusually bumpy, intensely depending on AP.
Is that what you mean?

Thank you, that's very interesting.

And if so, would also month luck and day luck have more impact?
Maybe that is what I am going through currently, since this LP started. And remaining steady, unmoved by the ups and downs while at the same time I am navigating into making a life transition and find a place to settle down, becomes extremely difficult... There are days/times when the path ahead seems quite obvious, and I make a step forward, and the next day/time it feels like this is a dead-end or too much suffering ahead. And then I wonder: which direction should I take?

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What an amazing prediction! I think I am both a nun and a wanderer  ;D ! That's amazing.
I don't think my Wood/Officer is inheretnly weak, since it is in thee Month pillar, which I am told is the strongest pillar, and it is very well rooted. I was told this Month Pillar (Jia Yin) in itself is very vibrant. But indeed it is under much stress if the 2 Metal/Monkey are not all in the Tomb and clash with it, and I tend to think that they are only partly entombed (if it is possible that only part of the my Metal goes there, somehting tht is apparently still unclear). So you may say it is weak. I am still not sure about it being void -as I said someone said it is impossible for a month pillar Wood Tiger to be really void.

Same with DM actually, Wu Shen is a briliant pillar usually, and here Earth is rooted in the other pillars, but because of the Wood and the Tiger/Monkey double clash (if Monkey is not entirely fallen in Tomb) then DM is under stress and weakened.

That's why I was surprised to read that my chart is "clear and neat". There is Shen-Yin clash, Chu tomb, combination on Wu and Gui, the hidden link an he, the Huyn (double pillar at day + Year), the void... Even if i knew all this well, I would be confused  :)


Frankly speaking, these years 2013-2015-2016 years were not good years. It started even before. It's not easy to say which was better than the other because overall my situation was rather bad and I was constantly living in anxiety, homeless, sickly having to perform highly demanding academic tasks, etc. I would need to go in much detail to compare and the events in details were very different. 2013: traumatizing betrayal, 2016: another betrayal but I was already knocked out. However I manage to complete a few great tasks (but not all of them), paying the hard price: burnout, and my wallet and banking cards stolen + series of infections.

In private message someone asked me about actually good years in my life. I said "late 1980s and very early 1990s" were rather light and successful and I felt full of energy even though a but of depression.  He or she asked about 1989. I can tell at least that 1989 was a very good year at many levels. I was extremely successful academically, without much effort it was easy, and nicely supported by the people around me. I felt I was brilliant and beautiful, met new supportive or exciting friends, etc. Still a tiny bit depressed but that was a good year.

Does that help?

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Dear all,

Short and quick, still in Paris and busy.

1. I can't read Chinese, kindly put phonetics.

2. The meeting at university was very good, very exciting conversations, also full of positive amazing coincidences and good news in my field. I am told I may directly apply for PhD. (to be confirmed, a committee would have to examine my application).
Also told that even if do PhD thesis vey successfully, would most probably not get a job because I am far too old.

So doing PhD, at least in France, means doing research, unpaid. That would be more output, more exhaustion. For nothing --no worthy recognition, save a degree.

Your view? Should I apply? Wont' that exhaust me further? Also living in Paris is not easy. Extremely expensive, polluted, people stressed out etc. I have lived here when I was a student and enjoyed it as a student, but once my former career was launched, I did not want to live here. I like nature, friendliness, etc.

Will resume later.

Hi Ren, many thanks for welcoming back

Quick questions before embarking...

According to ... (?) Bazi, Wu and Gui do transform in the Tiger month.

If my Output goes entirely to Tomb, why is it still exhausting me/my DM ? Doesn't that mean it only partly goes?

Does the fact that Chou is RW indicate that my friends/colleagues/fellows disciples are those I should NOT work with/for? Meaning, I should not be part of a collective organisation?

Many thanks to all.  I am a bit lost in the midst of all the Bazi technicalities but you all seem to agree that at least some Metal (Monkey) goes into the Tomb.

Regarding being recognized but not supported, used but kept in the shadow, my master (who is indeed rather tough overall with me, not the sweet honey kind of master at all) once told me :

"You don't need friends. Friends will eventually become your enemies".

I don't know why he said that. I don't know if this is specific to me or a general teaching valid for any spiritual seeker of my kind. And I don't know if that is a principle that applies to all my life or rather to the time when he told me that (about 2006 or so). Anyway at that time I did not miss friends.

Today I don't know. The "path of Saturn" is solitary and lacks warmth, while meeting and encoutering friendly people has been so supportive to recover form the most difficult times...

Mh which reminds me he actually said "you don't need friends. Support, you need, but not friends. Friends will become your ennemies..."

I am moving to Paris tomorrow for a short trip to meet some scholars at the University and see if my knowledge of Tibetan language and culture etc. can be turned into some academic degree (my original education was scientific, no humanities), a degree without needing to go back to college. That would be cool, even though possibly largely useless.  :-X    Will be very busy for a few days and probably unable to post.

I'll resume afterwards. Cheers!


Her output 'most of the times', not get appreciated, no recognition, prone to depressed, all of these classical issues of output entering tomb.

*special note : this does not mean @waki not smart. In fact she is pretty smart because dm sit on output star and output tomb can opened. But most of the times buried.. Unlike Lim's chart where output tomb opened, everyone can know Lim's extraordinary smart. Waki's condition totally different. Her environment does not supporting the output star to shine.

Without counting LP and AP. If 丑 tomb opened, her output will at least recognized and appreciated by others because 申寅 clashed perform work in chart.

May I be more precise?

My output is very much appreciated, but has led to exploitation, to jealousy, power struggles, and/or people "robbing" it from me and trying to put me in the shadow. People know I am smart. I think these two "academic stars"  (Wu Shen) cannot be unnoticed!

Your fire has always been with you. Inside the tiger branch.
Yes but it might well be clashed away by the hordes of Monkeys. 2 Monkeys. Now 3 Monkeys.  ???

暗合. If you translate = private relationship, hidden, secret, to close a door, in dark. Ancient text defines 暗合 as hidden dealing that are totally hidden from public eye.

HS combination can publicly combine, but 暗合 different can only combine in hidden (waiting for the opportunity). Imagine this like affair, meets in secret yet affection is very strong. This combination once successful is impossible to resist and stronger than normal combination.

Oh my !! ;D

No hidden relationship, unless we speak of my relationship to my master, which at least to me is very very very deep so it has a kind of "secret", and defintely I don't like to enter publicly about any detail. Of course this is a naturally "hidden" topic. I am not supposed to talk about my deep spirituality. My commitment forbids that. But this is very solid. And I don't conceal who is my master, and in my Dharma center, of course, everyone knows. But I don't talk too much about this relationship. It's indeed a kind of secret, it's like my heart core, my heart blood. Who wants to open up one's heart and show it to everyone?

Other than that, I am not secretive. Well we can say I never boast about my accomplisments and can keep them secret. Like when I became a nun, for many years nobody knew about my high education. I did not tell.

Yesterday for full moon I joined a friendly meeting where we were invited to express a wish, an intention and to share it. I could not share publicly my wish. It was esoteric and spritual and it was my secret. Of course it was related to Vajrayana (esoteric) Buddhism and was in the form of a mantra, so I don't publisize these things. Maybe I am too traditional in this matter. Anyway it was just spiritual --say, about growing in my spiritual confidence.

we should love others as we love ourselves, not more than ourselves, that is pretty much what we must do. isn't it in line with what your teacher said : be yourself, don't let others sway you? if we don't feel convenient, we should express it, say no or make negotiation.

Thanks for your understanding. I think that ultimately, at least according to Mahayana, we should love others more than ourselves. But this is a long journey and it still implies that we must have sound and healthy love for ourselves as a kind of reference to start with. Which is not yet my case, as I came to realize lately. I don't love myself enough. This is serious and deep rooted psychological issue to be healed and repaired.

Please note that this is a modern epidemic in the West, especially severe for Western women. Just search self-love or self-compassion or self-hatred on internet and you will see millions of pages on this issue. Another version is low-self-esteem which is there too, epidemic.

My teacher always say that I must be selfless. However 2 years ago I told him about this issue and he agreed it needs to be fixed. Tibetans don't have this issue. Asian poeple and people from very traditional family overall far less.

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