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Hi everyone,

I'm sad right now. My uncle just passed away. I just visited him at hospital yesterday. At that time he still recognized us and try to talk to us.
But this morning he's gone.

Does this can be seen in my chart? I know this year and luck pillar not good for me but i think only career wise.

Does my bad luck is jinxing my uncle? I would like to attend his funeral but am afraid bad backlash.

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks for the advice. Will keep that in mind.

I dont know any forum from Indonesia. Where is the link ? :)
I'm kind of interested with metaphysics.
Thanks for the reading !

Hi, are you from Jakarta too? :)
Can't blame being born as a woman...sigh..
I'm not a superwoman right now...
I'm curious : strong day master are not favourable?
Also i have many earth element in my chart, what does that tell?
Thanks for the reading.

Ok thanks for clarifying.
No accident in 1983. I also dont remember any incident.

Really? I have already enrolled though. Would i get trouble in my studies?
I will follow your advice for laying low. But the problem is usually my subordinates jumped over me. It happened before. 
Thanks for the advice.

I work as an Accountant since graduated. Age 30, i graduated from a tax course. I haven't study again after that.
I want to study again this year.


Thanks a lot.
Btw, what about my house ? Does it cause trouble for me?

His dob: Jakarta, 15 April 1975 birth time not so sure but around 5.00-7.00

Yes i renovated some parts of my house bit by bit starting 2013 until 2014. Any problem with that?
I have 4 brothers, which one you need?


Hi, i try to supply some information.
I like enjoy my time at home but i also easily bored so it is 50/50.
I am a worrier and easily see flaws which not many can see. But my intuition are usually correct. Critics are welcome but only constructive one at an appropriate time and place.

I am an accoutant so all my career life deals with deadline. No problem.

I haven't meet anyone this year? You just raise my hope..  :)
Working at fashion never cross my mind. I do like mix and match though.

My life has always been smooth, little bumps all the way but nothing major.
2010 my relationship ended but i'm not too sad
2011-2012 family problem but i'm still can get through. Career wise OK
First half 2013 OK
Second half 2013 beginning career trouble
2014-career and health trouble
2015-career trouble

Do you have any suggestions and advise ? Will appreciate it. Thanks.

Based on Joey Yap's bazi profiling system, my profiles are 85% indirect resource, 83% seven killings, 80% direct officer, 79% friend, and the others are around 50% but the performer are 0%.
Please let me know the meanings and the suggestions.
Many thanks!! And for the baking soda cure i will try immediately..


My brother plan to establish consulting business but i will be the one to run it. Will that be okay?


Baking soda? I dont know about it? Can you tell me more? Please :)

Well if i didnt quit the job, i'm afraid of blowing off or worse depressed. My mental health is a priority. I'm usually very patient though.
I don't really care if someone received better than me. I always believe that i have my own fortune. If only they leave me alone and not make trouble for me.

Now that you mention it, my 2nd older brother is the one who received all attention and hope. Even though he is quite the trouble maker in our family.

1990-2000 this is my schooling period. I didnt have a very difficult time. The worst period is from 2014 until now.
I hope i can get through it safely.
Wish me luck!!

I have gastritis issue.

Well, you are right about my mother. She is really important for me. And it is true that i have no luck in career. All my colleagues didnt receive same treatment as i.
Even though i do the very best and help my boss however i can, i still receive no gratitude and often get manipulated. Everytime he needed help he came to me but he never remember my contribution. My increase in salary is even lower than my cashier ( i am an accountant ). The worst part was when he ordered my to work on new year eve when everybody can go home.
I knew then that he wanted to make me quit so i did.
But now i have difficulty finding a suitable job. Always have trouble at work. I now still looking for job.
I always wonder why like this.
I have no trouble managing my finances but i hope i can do better.
I dont think my relationship has anything to do with friends involvement.
Well sorry for rambling.
Any advices will be appreciated.

Thank you for senator613 and Phantom for the readings and suggestions.

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