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Dear all,

For those who subscribed to Premium account, I added Si Hua analysis under the chart. The program will automatically search any Hua Ji into or clashing into certain palaces.

There are 2 types of flying here:

1. Decade X palace flying Hua Ji into or clashing Original X palace / Life palace.
2. Original X palace flying Hua Ji into or clashing Decade X palace / Life palace.


Chances of your partner outsmart you in the game of business is high. Where u getting capital for business? Parents sponsor?
Hello all members.

This is my second thread. The first one is about my friend Daniel. This time I want to ask about my self.

My name is Mike. I was born in Surabaya city, East Java province, Indonesia.

My DOB is 9 November 1987, 23.10.

I know very little about Bazi and curious about my Day Master. I have read my chart online and found that some online calculators said that I am Gui (yin water) and the other is Ren (yang water). Which one is right one? Most of calculator shows that I am Ren.

Actually I feel more Gui than Ren, but often we can not judge ourselves properly, right? (and my knowledge about bazi analysis is also very little / poor)

I have no major problem right now. My life goes quite smooth, eventhough not the perfect one.  Maybe because I'm not the type of person who has high expectiations. I work as an office staff.  My job is quite easy and unproblematic. I have girlfriend. My relationship is quite fine and normal. I have no debts and any current financial difficulties. No stress at all most of the time.

But I'm curious about my welfare in the future. My childhood was not very well. My family is living in financial difficulties (even can be said to be poor). Thanks to God, things are getting better and better as I grow up. However those childhood memories make me have my own worries about my welfare in the future.

Will I be okay? Or will there be any problems that I should be aware of later?

Hopefully someone here is willing to help and give me answer.

@wisnukrist thank you for the additiona insight. Such an insipration.
@ArtofFugue , thanks
It's quite possible that he will have lovers, he is surrounded by a lot of Fire. How abusive he can be is hard to say, a lot depends on his genetics, or whether he has issues with alcohol, drugs etc, which is quite possible.
Since you don't know the precise time & date - I cannot help but share something that you might know it, from ancient Javanese

When someone dies, they leave something to people who have blood relations/people they left behind (not always about wealth legacy)
The true legacy is the karma from what they did while they were still alive.

There are only 5 kinds of legacy :
1. Good Name / Honor / Status
2. Quarrel in family members
3. Scattered family members
4. Ease of life
5. Difficulties that can bring the rest of the family members into poverty.

People who live their lives well will leave no. 1 OR 4 (the kindness legacies) to the wife/husband/child who is still alive.
Hopefully, it can be an inspiration for you and your friends to live well.
btw, if fire wealth is really a yong shen for you at this point,
then your dad (represented by fire wealth) shouldn't have been a problem for you.
think about it. Sometimes, just following the textbook doesn't help with real-world issues.
if i'm not wrong, your childhood were happier times.

Hi @wellhandy
So everyone who use wealth most have good fathers then?
Who is the judge of this father being good or bad?
Profound Standard / Re: Karmic links between lovers and couples!
« Last post by gentlejoker on August 20, 2019, 09:56:55 PM »
I'm interested to know what is the Karma for people who kill(ed) or help(ed) a large number of people?
Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Best suited business idea for me?
« Last post by DreamerEyes on August 20, 2019, 09:49:34 PM »
@fan thank you for that.So it means I should be careful.I should save alot for that then.
I am planning to start selling some keto products since it is booming here right now.Someone told me jewellery should fit my metal daymaster but idk how accurate that is.
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