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2019 an disaster by health and wealth.
Hai clash si and hai harm resource or suport shen
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Miscellaneous casual talks / Re: Simply chillin'
« Last post by TObaSANtex on Today at 04:47:55 PM »
Miscellaneous / Re: Beware the less than ethical FS masters
« Last post by jt on Today at 04:43:48 PM »

Many thanks again for polite discussion.

I might share a bit which effects my point of views actually ( personally ) but in other side since i knew this is media i need to carefully with my words due most of the time people miss understand me ( perhaps Bing shen day master ? ) with 7K as water ? or surrounded by water ( direct officer in all pillars ) hiks so miserable

I raised up in mixed religious back ground ( i could tell more spiritual than religious ). As Shiva Buddha ( Sanatana Dharma ) my father taught us too that Khrisna even WAR for injustice which is not MERE Kingdom ( in sight of common people ) , there INJUSTICE involving in there after negotiation. War with heavenly knowledge ( inner guidance connect with higher power which will never lead to the wrong path )

What my father taught me is caused he knew i inclined into spiritual ( whether he told me or not clearly ) hence he must did his duty to keep my mind heart as pure as it is ( without anger, grudge , etc )

Justice must be there as we are living on earth , there is good there is bad. Other wise you will showering love to evil ones although at first step try to shower the most evil one with love may be he / she will change, next if still remain same then execute ( law action )

In your case ( in here ) i worried whatever my words will contaminated readers with hatred to FS ( whom are not yet try to transcend their karmic whilst i do believe in feng shui too as harmony arrangement ) as words is an energy too , hence i told story above and replied to Mr Artofugue
Its just like when bad things spreading it will effects the other with in middle way eg religion. When seeing how claimed so religious people doing bad, perhaps the other people whom trying to be better person became no longer believe into that particular religion OR bad parts the bad join into that religion to make it worsen. Just like that.

Personally since kid i could not accept injustice happened in front of me and i yelled then something happened ( happened my neighbor's dog got cab crashed and ran away in front of me whom taking walked my dog, i screamed you dieeeee, everybody see, not far that cab crashed with container trucks badly everybody scream , he died right on ), and so many other things

My apology if its too deep since at beginning my consideration were only tried not to involving in judging as i worry the other common readers

PS : You met a teacher ( FS, metaphysics ) its all LUCK by karmic, so IF you are NOT fated ( being saved ) from such master , then its NOT people saved you but your karmic. Spoon with fork. Everything on here and heaven is like spider net, connecting to each other, IF you are good person you hardly met or match with bad ones IF has to mingle then it would be a WALL in between , how to live in this dirty worlds without getting contaminated , see but dont see, know but dont know, do but dont do.



Thank you so much for sharing and I now see where you come from

My intent here, was and is not to discredit Chinese (or whichever religion) metaphysics and their practitioners

If I don't believe in it, I probably wouldn't have chanced upon this site

Intent was to sometimes people will meet the few bad eggs among the many good FS masters out there and will in their own course, come to know about it or terms about it. Hopefully this threads helps make them aware / circumvent / shorten that process

For those in SG, happy voting. Your vote matters.

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Miscellaneous casual talks / Re: Simply chillin'
« Last post by TObaSANtex on Today at 04:29:45 PM »

You clash the dragon Miss Teresa, probably you have dog harm in your chart.

You start expensive end up cheap.
Too bad there was bad generation you cant stand up with.

Instead of being proud of carrying the beautiful things, you end up servicing people, to please them.

Rest in Peace Miss Teresa, lets have some closing to your wandered soul

Ps.nothing related.  Soul , without E. Stupid always mixing and matching to get the sweet feeling.

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Hi @nin99,

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems water and metal are not too good for you, so, fire would be better. This year 2020 has money loss for you due to the shen zi chen water formation.

Cheers, Bazi_Fan

It is good and bad.ji hai was bad!but geng zi or zi year 2008 was good for mr!till now this year I start my own path!
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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Master, please help! Thank you!
« Last post by tea on Today at 03:49:30 PM »
Whose relationship does not have an issue at all ? Praise the Lord and i guarantee only liars said that their relationship no issue at all, there is no perfect relationship

Example my self, into period of Hurting Officer, yelled yelled to hubby everyday if its reading as it is in bazi. But we are human being, we have an intellect and heart to control. Not deny there are more argue during that luck or annual pillar, but again, we the one to manage it

Trust me, when your time to settle down comes, you will. The rest involving both person to working on it.
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