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First of all, I’m sorry to hear you feel this way.

While I am no expert, your ZWDS chart indicates to me that your husband is at least loving and treats you well, financially inclusive. (Life Spouse Lu to Happiness shine Self.) What makes you say that he is spoilt? I would be interested to hear specific instances of your difficult conditions over the years as well, as you keep alluding to them and it has been two years as you said. This may help improve the accuracy of reads for yourself.

On the other points I tend to agree with @j27945. It may be best if you continue to work on yourself especially in terms of health.

Best regards to you

Hi blackswan,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to reading previous posts and responding.

Im not trying to find fault im everything in my life. My husband is spoiled by his parents as they did everything for him when he lived with them at home. They would shelter him and take care of  everything. He doesnt have a lot of experience in dealing with life  matters and would get scared over every little thing. His dad would carry heavy things for him and my husband exepects me to carry heavy things when he cant or doesnt want to do it. I cant do everything his parents did. I have to ask two to three times for everything to be done.

My childhood has taken a toll on me. My dad has bipolar disorder, non mediciated, and always had big plans wanting to make big money. He never held a job for long except for the 10 years before his retirement. Now he is back to his old self having manic phases here and there. He couldnt hold a job and therefore electricity would get cut as the bills werent paid. My mom always fought with him foring being lazy. We had always been a parent to my dad because he always doesnt know what to do in life situations. He is easily manipulated. On the day of my wedding my dad's sister manipulated him into not attending my wedding ceremony because his sister doesnt like our family, this was two years ago. Even before the wdding, his sister made a big fuss about not attending if we dont invite a particular person who is a friend. It turns out this person is bed ridden. Anyways, back to my family.We lived in a house with extended families. My mom's side has the anger/hot headed genes. Theres my grandma and uncle. Everyone fought a lot at home. By the time they moved out, they had problems of their own which my mom had to get herself involved because she wanted to help. It indirectly involved me who had to help. Grandma had health issues, I helped with many appointments. My uncle married someome who ended up with mental illness. She was invovled in law and later commited suicide to which I had to help out with funeral arrangement. My cousin came from another country to study, so I helped him. It was then I ran into problems with my career and later met my husband. My mom has been sick since I was 13 and beginning of this year she had seziure, got worst and now settled.  She gets into two car accidents within a year so I have to help out. My dad got into a car accident I had to help out as the issurance company kept calling. My dad bought 4 cars beginning of 2016 and drove around without insurance. It took convincing and I arranged all insurance for him. He had 5 cars in total. It also took a lot of convincing for my dad to finally agree to sell his car. So I helped him setup auction somewhere. When I went on honeymoon, I assigned my cousin to help out with the auction and he sold the car for half price when I told him to check with my mom and he didnt. My dad went crazy and yelling everyday then. Lastly, I work at place where there are a lot of toxic people. Its terrible.

When theres negativity here and there, I feel I cant handle it anymore.

Is my health really bad? I feel tired all the time. I think its linked to my mentallity.
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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: kong wang in two pillars
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hi bonsai,

does she work oversea?

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Would you include the Day-Destiny and Day palaces in the future? :)

Hi nilox,

I want to but unfortunately, I never use and learn to plot the daily chart. And since for the monthly chart itself there are different school of thought, I'm afraid to make it further to the daily chart. But I'm open with advice and suggestion if there are trusted references for plotting the daily chart.


My heart goes out to her. She is my age and I can understand how it feels to not have parents as I am not very close to my parents nor my grandparents. People born in this zodiac treasures warmth and love from family. I was never liked by my grandparents and not the favorite even I do a lot for them compared to my cousin who does little for them. Its something that has really bothered me as if my kindness is not recognized. It hurts a lot. Rabbits are very sympthetic at heart and can be sensitive. We can get hurt easily and if we fall its very hard to get back up. Best to limit exposure to sad events/news. We are very soft hearted  and like attention and thats how we know we are loved and cared for.
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