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Singapore Time Zone GMT + 7.5 before 1982 - To subtract from birth time or not?birthhourchicomemphis299
Singapore Time Zone GMT + 7.5 before 1982 - To subtract from birth time or not?locationchicomemphis299
Singapore Time Zone GMT + 7.5 before 1982 - To subtract from birth time or not?timezonechicomemphis299
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Compatibility question, please help!!!bazibebenad046
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Marriage lifemarriageFSFJ21538
Dilemma: Career vs Familyfamilyjellyace10353
Dilemma: Career vs Familycareerjellyace10353
Dilemma: Career vs Familydilemmajellyace10353
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FREE QiMen readingsfree qi men readingredphoenix2255
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