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Will I fall pregnant and have a baby in Ji Hai year?deepwater0363
ZWDS Natal Chart and Time of Birth Issuedjusmansya8584
Tan Lang Star: Fu de gong, sickness, desires, greed, peach blossom jmatalo0494
Wu Qu in Spouse PalaceArstevan341743
Lian zhen, tan lanv, zuo gu in spouse palaceArstevan251165
learning zwds - recommendations on where to start, beginner at baziwellhandy141028
Cursed year... when will this end?TWD0223151640
Bookcoins and ZWDSTEESEEPEEJAY2669
Are we perfect match?Hidear1604
ZWDS - Zi Wei/Quan and Tian fu in Shen gongSilverangel81959
Sha Po Lang chart running in the family...?swagoo71529
Help in reading ZWDS birth chartthw7892800
Need help reading my chartprc9941027
Love or No Love?typicallyme4954
Can someone please decode and interpret the meaning of my Fan Yin & Fu Yin?prc7331046
Help with ZWDS ReadingSirMoyo0621
please help read my zwdslala15980638
marriage yearwastedlove265053
Been having tough life all this time, is it going to be better in the future?lala159831152
Interpret my ZWDSlala15984989
Zi Wei Dou Shu Info Collection: Star Meanings (English Large) .doc filerengillard153825
version 1.3 Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator by aoefengshui®Administrator6519453
One of the most comprehensive ZWDS sources I've seen so far (in chinese)kblitz21161
request readingbk122417
ZWDS linkPdstelle74904
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