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Compatibility question, please help!!!bebenad037
Two Robbing Stars Causing a Destruction and Special CombinationDocklinmeyer9036
Please read my bazi about relationshipSharbear8906433
Advice on family businessyehan2198
Please read this chart Mama15627
Please Read my BaziAizirk341405
Need Help Determining Yong ShenLe_Oignon16822
Why this combination does not successfully transform into wood?fiveartsuser1249
Bazi Reading (Welcome all comments)ZhangFei271338
Kind reading on the following chart of two decadesTaiYin16953
Close day + Flying bird formationindy0278
Beginner Bazi Reader - Analyzing self chartswit16garl161027
Death by Fire and Water: Am I Dying?traveltalktea15910
Low confidence? High ego? Girl with love18952
Can someone please help me read my boyfriend's bazi chart? About marriage Girl with love14962
Tolong bacain perjalanan baZi saya donk..Budijateng81585
Wealth, Marriage, Children. please help to analyze this chart.Eostre201264
A good housewife or better be a working mom?Eostre12714
Bazi Analysis, unbalance chart? Alex Teh8674
How to see one being adopted in a chart? Adopted Child - Case StudyTaiYin201370
Starting over with career. Please help read my chart. Vivens221428
Am I on the right track?Bazi_Fan201185
Please Help me read my Bazi Chartalansmith24015171245
Laziness and bazileoboy21241937
Earth frameAle1415
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