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Would like to know more as well.

Feng Shui / Re: Feng Shui theories and myths
« on: August 30, 2019, 03:35:42 PM »
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Feng Shui / Re: Feng Shui theories and myths
« on: August 27, 2019, 09:33:57 AM »
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Feng Shui / Re: Feng Shui theories and myths
« on: August 27, 2019, 09:21:21 AM »
What most practitioner of Flying Star is practising is the Shen Style which originates from Zhang Zhong San and also the acclaimed Wu Chang lineage. The CM world in general term this method as "Small Xuan Kong" while there is another much simpler method called the "Big Xuan Kong". One measures the micro another the macro while I personally prefers the much simpler "Purple White". When one is disputing on where is the facing then most likely one is dabbling in Shen Style XK aka SMK

Feng Shui / Re: Feng Shui theories and myths
« on: August 26, 2019, 03:03:59 PM »
Most that learnt from more conventional school / sects has to abide by their sect rule and more often than not, rule numero uno is to not publicly disclose sect secrets to outsider and anyone that is not an internal student are outsider and knowledge not passable to outsider are sect secrets.

Even those whom studied from the more liberal / modern practitioners would not so easily give away these knowledge as they would have paid top dollars for them. Don't you realise most courses would only package their case studies in their advanced courses and those are often the most expensive?

Feng Shui / Re: Yin Yang Feng Shui 阴阳法 风水
« on: August 22, 2019, 04:09:13 PM »
Hope i could learn more about this school.

Master 陳義霖 still very active. He still conduct courses around the region.

@Xkfan you've learnt from him?

I coincidentally learned from his student. This is an interesting lineage of fengshui especially in predicting part. 8)

Which student of his? Fly all the way to learn in Taiwan or some local master from SG / MY that learnt from him?

Feng Shui / Re: Yin Yang Feng Shui 阴阳法 风水
« on: August 21, 2019, 03:13:36 PM »
Hope i could learn more about this school.

Master 陳義霖 still very active. He still conduct courses around the region.

@Xkfan you've learnt from him?

Feng Shui / Re: 8 mansions versus flying stars
« on: August 01, 2019, 09:09:15 PM »
Although its simplicity of Ba Zhai, it's very effective and accurate. One can try to live in Jue Ming house sitting direction and will know the results  :)

From what I remember you can't have house sitting on Jue Ming. : )

Yes you could, as long as you use other location to raise FuWei instead of sitting. I personally subscribe to 3 Essentials of Yang Dwelling or YangZhaiSanYao using door as FuWei.

In BaZhai there's 2 biggest dispute which is where to raise FuWei and how you determine Master / Host or Zhu. As most books on YZSY will tell you about the outcome of a house primarily through the interaction between Door & Master / Host, next would be Door with Stove and seldom to some even discard the interaction between Host & Stove. If you can't decide on the Host you'll have 1/3 or 1/2 the interpretation gone.

Based on this, Door as FuWei would mean door is neutral as there's no other focal point to raise the "Star" governing the door. What some does is that they use Sitting to raise FuWei and see what "Star" governs the door to deem it as good or not. ShengQi door means good Qi is channelled else if WuGui means it's the other way round. Again this is but 1 way of using the same BaZhai method to do it.

Some like what @Xkfan said would use other external landform formula to "open" door like XKDG or even SH water method and like what  @JK1975 said use 9 Star / Assistant Star method to measure the door with the incoming water / road and facing. If one is familiar with flipping bazhai's "Wandering Star" on their palm then that is actually the 9 Earth Flipping Gua method while 9 Star water is also known as the 9 Heaven Flipping Gua method which also can be flipped on one's palm albeit a different sequence and star arrangement. This is 2 formula widely used in Heaven Star School TianXinPai of the renowned LaiBuYi. Whether TianXinPai related to BaZhai, I can't say but the formula does share the same fundamentals and core concepts and seems to be use in conjunction with one another.

Feng Shui / Re: 8 mansions versus flying stars
« on: July 31, 2019, 06:03:44 PM »
There's more to 8 mansion that meets the eye.

ShengQi is good only for the East 4 houses while YianNian is best used at the West 4 houses. Having said that, among 4 different houses within each group has varying degree of auspiciousness when compared among one another. Kan Zhen and Zhen Kan are both Sheng Qi but one would accumulate wealth while the other would looks as though it is but it really isn't.

8 mansion itself is a complete qi mapping methodology which can be used on its own without mixing it with Xuan Kong Flying Star but dropping in Purple White Flying Star would give more depth as to what to anticipate on an annual basis. PWFS is meant to be a predictive and not so much in administering a cure.

Having said all the above, the key is still within the external. If the landform is not supportive then most likely you have at most 30% of auspiciousness to work around with.

Thanks for sharing.

Since Bazhai can be used on its own, how's it apply on Landform? Please enlight....

4 Auspicious should see higher ground (Mountain) and 4 Inauspicious (Water) should see lower ground e.g. ShengQi see higher ground / tall structure / mountain will be able to suppress WuGui but BaZhai is mostly an internal mapping technique and should be used in conjunction with other method to measure Landform. Once the proper method is used to determine or to setup a new door, then bazhai is used to map how the qi flows within.

Feng Shui / Re: River close to the building
« on: June 26, 2019, 03:00:35 PM »
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There's a river visible from my office building, but not visible from my work desk. However, I can move desk if I want to, but if I sit in a desk that can see the river clearly, I'll be putting myself sitting in a non-commanding position.

My questions are:
1. If there's an external water feature, does it benefit everyone in that building or just the company owner? I am only an employee, so I don't own the company.
2. Do you need to be able to see it from where you're sitting, in order to benefit from it?
3. Anything you need to do in particular to 'tap the qi' of the river?
4. Is it better to see the river or is it better to sit in a commanding position? Obviously both would be better, but if you can only choose one, which one is better?

What is a commanding and a non-commanding position?

Feng Shui / Re: sharp corners from wall and/or furniture
« on: June 26, 2019, 02:56:48 PM »
Sha Qi need a catalyst to manifest. When a Sha Qi is identified, it will only manifest when triggered. That is why some say they are still all good and well even though their main entrance is facing a t-junction or there's a broken mountain behind then or a Wind Gap Sha visible from their home. But when the it is triggered it will come with a bang.

Feng Shui / Re: Apartment facing
« on: June 24, 2019, 12:23:57 PM »
2 highly controversial point that render XKFX sometimes work and sometimes doesn't:

1) Period number based on move in date or construction completion date?
2) Highly debatable and fragmented views on how to decide facing.

You are probably better off using the annual flying star chart.

In my point of view there are 3 types of systems. Systems using the Solar Calendar(like BaZi, San Yuan Feng Shui etc.). Systems using the Lunar Calendar(ZWDS, QMDJ). And systems not using either, like San He Feng Shui, or even XKDG, that is using its own earlier heaven periods rarely seen anywhere else.

Now, QMDJ at first look uses Solar Terms very heavily. However, the more we get into how Ju is calculated and how it was calculated, the more we see that is not actually needed.

In the way I chart Map in QMDJ  I don't use the Solar Calendar or the Solar Terms at all. Every calculation for the Ju and everything in QMDJ is only based on the Lunar Calendar.

And of course, in the Lunar Calendar, the 24 Solar Terms doesn't matter.

 The 24 Mountain Earth plate itself is tightly coupled to the 24 solar terms and and SanHe FS is tighly coupled with the 60 JiaZi while XKDG uses 64 Hex to fit and replace the 60 JiaZi.

At the end you are measuring time and the waxing and waning of Yin & Yang just different measurement. It does the same thing, measuring the Qi of a particular element at that point in time. Same fundamentals different application.

I think I will stop here as to stop further deviate from the original topic of MangPai Bazi differences.

If you study the 5 arts be it QMDJ, DLR, FS and is heavily annexed onto the Calendar system, be it lunar or the 60 JiaZi / Chinese Farmer Solar calendar. When it comes to the calendar system you can't run away from the 24 Solar Terms. Bazi itself the epitome of the Chinese Farmer's Calendar system.

The difference here is that MangPai discarded the usage of weak and strong DM and analyse each HS & EB correlation with one another directly instead. DM strong or weak are mostly determine by first and foremost season of birth and other supportive branches using the 12 Chang Sheng. To say that MP totally remove that is not entirely true as well as if you notice Han's reading on HS combination, he takes the month's EB into consideration to see if it's timely or not timely for the combination to take place. That means the Qi quality of a certain element within a HS or EB is being measured.

When you said it doesn't use Useful God, it's not entirely true. MangPai "Working God", "Police & Thief God" in itself is MP's own version of useful god, or maybe Useful God should be better termed as Use God or the God to be Used instead. Conventional Useful God has a plethora of Yong Shen ranging from the common Balancing DM Strength UG (DM Strong Weak), Climate adjustment UG, Engendering & Restraining Dreadful God's UG. So even in Traditional system you are talking about different type of UG if one we to come from DiTianSui, the other from QTBJ and ZPZQ.

So to me they should work on the same principal or fundamentals but interpreted differently else how would Master Duan be able to reverse engineer the remaining of the system when he mentioned he actually forgotten part of the transmission in his younger days when he is not so well versed.

MangPai has closer relationship to traditional Bazi than it initially seems. It's an end user method to simplify layers upon layers and methods among methods of the traditional method.

Master Duan only grasped half of the MangPai system and rework the other half from traditional method. His earlier works has residue of conventional method until his final revision where he has completed MangPai in his current form.

If you analyse JLim's reading which is essentially Duan's version and @Han reading, you relised JLim will combine when it is there while Han will observe whether the month branch allows or not.

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