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If you study the 5 arts be it QMDJ, DLR, FS and is heavily annexed onto the Calendar system, be it lunar or the 60 JiaZi / Chinese Farmer Solar calendar. When it comes to the calendar system you can't run away from the 24 Solar Terms. Bazi itself the epitome of the Chinese Farmer's Calendar system.

The difference here is that MangPai discarded the usage of weak and strong DM and analyse each HS & EB correlation with one another directly instead. DM strong or weak are mostly determine by first and foremost season of birth and other supportive branches using the 12 Chang Sheng. To say that MP totally remove that is not entirely true as well as if you notice Han's reading on HS combination, he takes the month's EB into consideration to see if it's timely or not timely for the combination to take place. That means the Qi quality of a certain element within a HS or EB is being measured.

When you said it doesn't use Useful God, it's not entirely true. MangPai "Working God", "Police & Thief God" in itself is MP's own version of useful god, or maybe Useful God should be better termed as Use God or the God to be Used instead. Conventional Useful God has a plethora of Yong Shen ranging from the common Balancing DM Strength UG (DM Strong Weak), Climate adjustment UG, Engendering & Restraining Dreadful God's UG. So even in Traditional system you are talking about different type of UG if one we to come from DiTianSui, the other from QTBJ and ZPZQ.

So to me they should work on the same principal or fundamentals but interpreted differently else how would Master Duan be able to reverse engineer the remaining of the system when he mentioned he actually forgotten part of the transmission in his younger days when he is not so well versed.

MangPai has closer relationship to traditional Bazi than it initially seems. It's an end user method to simplify layers upon layers and methods among methods of the traditional method.

Master Duan only grasped half of the MangPai system and rework the other half from traditional method. His earlier works has residue of conventional method until his final revision where he has completed MangPai in his current form.

If you analyse JLim's reading which is essentially Duan's version and @Han reading, you relised JLim will combine when it is there while Han will observe whether the month branch allows or not.

I have come across some of said academy Bazi module 3 and Bazi 10x materials and all i can say is you can find em here within the forum in the form of translation from chinese classic or chinese sources then you realised most of it is from the same source. Probably more refined with more elaborate explanation but the gist of the content is more or less the same.

Feng Shui / Re: 8 mansions versus flying stars
« on: June 19, 2019, 02:34:20 PM »
There's more to 8 mansion that meets the eye.

ShengQi is good only for the East 4 houses while YianNian is best used at the West 4 houses. Having said that, among 4 different houses within each group has varying degree of auspiciousness when compared among one another. Kan Zhen and Zhen Kan are both Sheng Qi but one would accumulate wealth while the other would looks as though it is but it really isn't.

8 mansion itself is a complete qi mapping methodology which can be used on its own without mixing it with Xuan Kong Flying Star but dropping in Purple White Flying Star would give more depth as to what to anticipate on an annual basis. PWFS is meant to be a predictive and not so much in administering a cure.

Having said all the above, the key is still within the external. If the landform is not supportive then most likely you have at most 30% of auspiciousness to work around with.

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Hi @amfortas , I wanted to update you. A recruiter contacted me this morning and offered a higher position and double my current salary at a hotel property near my current one. I told my boss I was not interested in the position and wish to stay under him, but my boss encouraged me to apply anyway whether I am interested or not. Is this the offer you mentioned previously? One of my old female coworkers used to work at that property. Could this be the coworker that can be a hidden sabotage?

I let my boss know my preference is to learn under him for a few more months at least. He told me that if the other company gives me a good offer, I should consider it and that he would still help me if I do not feel I know enough yet.

I want to stay with my boss. If I stay, do you think I would take his position, or do you think my old boss from a different property would take the position from me once my current boss leaves?

From a non-CM perspective. You have voiced your intention of leaving and your boss is probably thinking you are fishing for a counter offer. Since you've made known your intention, even if you do stay your boss will have a more reserved opinion when it comes to you. I doubt you will learn much after this unless your boss is truly short of hand so you might as well take up the offer.

Feng Shui / Re: Moving in to New House soon.
« on: June 01, 2019, 12:03:41 PM »
At where I'm staying, the Chinese will "pray" the five corners (technically 4 corners and the central). You pay homage and respect to the 5 Ghost WuGui (The forces of the 5 directions).

This is religious in nature though and involving Joss stick, and offerings and so call "altar" setup in the center of your home

Da Liu Ren (DLR) / Re: Why Da Liu Ren is not popular?
« on: April 26, 2019, 06:51:19 AM »
LiuRen are divided into DaLiuRen XiaoLiuRen depending on how one reads and use it. LiuRen are said to be the most accurate non-YiJing related divination method.

The 3 arts of TaiYi , QiMen & LiuRen.

LiuRen is the most granular and are used to divine daily routines.

QiMen strength IMO is to provide an instant mapping of cause and effect of snapshots for a certain point in time.

TaiYi is a top management tool that provides long term birds eye view without the nitty gritty details.

Miscellaneous / Re: Thai fortune telling?
« on: March 02, 2019, 09:18:09 AM »
There's fortune telling and there's destiny reading.

Those ghost, god, deity are most likely fortune telling like what we usually accustomed to as divination. not only the Thai but the Chinese and Malay is full of such fortune telling as well (the tangkis and bomohs a.k.a spiritual medium)

I think what you are referring to should be Thai astrology which usually comes with a chart similar to Western astrology and the years in Thai Calendar is different and should be about 2561 or 2562 by now

Like Birth Year branch's Annual Luck Forecast, analysis just by Daymaster alone is too broad to be even accurate and even the advices give are generic.

At least be like San Ming Tong Hui, take into account Day branch and Month pillar!

Book an appointment for annual luck assesment consultation and he will tell you in detail.

Recently, Ben Liu's Touxi series venture into advance Bazi level, ie;- shen sha!

Another book devoted to shen shas, which goes to show how important shen shas are.

Ben Liu also got 1 book dedicated to chart structure as well as Yong Shen under his "To or not to" series. Looks to me he covered 3 most influential bazi classic namely YuanHaiZiPing co-authored ZiPingZhenQuanPingZhu and then Di Tian Sui. Release 3 more specialised book for bazi Yong Shen, Chart Structure and latest Shen Sha. Looks to me he trying to cover everything under bazi.

This is the online free version of i believe the initial draft of the book of the same title by Wang Da Lu. To those who follows closely Trey's blog, this is exactly the same method used and it offers more depth explanation and a good read to establish a good foundation before moving on to Trey's blog to read about the specific structure as sadly the author did not publishes it on his blog.

To those who can read chinese can go read your hearts out here :

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Follow wealth, DM has no root, Ren water is only on month stem without root as well. DM has no support at all.

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