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@tyc  Please check out the following video.

@Vroya as far as your career is concerned, you should focus on Main and Secondary Profile, but in order to understand your interactions with society and with close friends/ family you have to focus on social and intimate profile. Your social and intimate profile is "THE PHILOSOPHER". You can read the books on this topic in order to understand more.

@LuckyStars1  would you like to join me on facebook?

I suggest that you should buy THE PHILOSOPHER as well, and if your BASE PROFILE is different, you should buy that too, and than try to read all three. You will be amazed for sure.

Direct officer, the diplomat. that's interesting.

that means you support the system, rules and regulations of current society, and care for people, but in a very unusual way?

Did you manage to Bazi profiling series books?

well, in order to determine your career, your main profile as well as your secondary profile plays the most important role. May I ask what's your main profile? Main main profile is The philosopher and my secondary profile is Friend.


thanks a lot for your reply. Do you think it's a good idea to discuss these things? If yes, what is another alternative to facebook?

Hi, I am interested in making a group of Indirect Resource; The philosopher. So all those people who have main or secondary profile as The philosopher could come together and learn from each other.
People having Indirect resource profile as their main or primary profile are requested to comment below so that they can be added in the group.
You can also add me on my facebook via my email address.

Thank you.

wnidwheel. Thanks a lot.

A very well explained yet deep explanation. Thanks a lot for explaining it to me. I got your point indeed.  :)

hi guhai, thanks a lot for taking out time and reading my chart. Secondly I don't mind at all.

The answer to your question is, This is just sixth sense, just an instinct, an intuition. You know some times you can just feel something, but you don't have any solid reason for why you have such feeling, that is the case with me.

chary I am not rich/ wealthy. Yet I have this very strong gut feeling that I am going to be very rich/ wealthy.

Any other noticeable findings in my chart?

windwheel Thanks a lot for confirmation and your response. Would you like to add something more?

Please help me interpret my chart.

Secondly, As it appears that my day master is mildly weak, that makes my resource and friend as my favorable element. As I have just entered my fourth luck pillar which has wealth element in it. Can some one please give me an analysis on my chart and also suggest me what favorable chi should be introduced in fourth luck pillar? In fourth luck pillar direct resource and friend would be good? If so how what should I do in order to have direct resource and friend?

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