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  • Mahjong Divination
    « on: January 17, 2017, 07:39:12 AM »
    The following is an excerpt from Mahjong From A To Zhú by Scott D. Miller. Happy learning! :)

    (source of the picture)
    The Set
    144 tiles: tiles numbered "1" through "9" in suits of characters, bamboo, and dots (four of each), four winds (four of each), three dragons (four of each), and eight flower tiles.

    To begin, the diviner (the one who reads the tiles) and the querent (the one who seeks an answer) sit opposite each other at a table with the diviner in the west position and the querent in the east. Next, all the mahjong tiles are spread face down and shuffled by the querent, who then draws and arranges the tiles for the reading. The diviner may need to help guide the querent in arranging the tiles properly.

    If the querent draws a flower tile, he draws an extra tile and places it next to the flower tile.

    The Divine Meaning of the Tiles
    Dots: Constellations of Heaven
    1-Dot. The Pearl, a rare jewel found within an oyster and gathered for its simple aesthetic beauty, is a symbol of wealth, luxury and of things refined.
    2-Dot. The Pine Tree grows firm and solid, ever green through the harshest of winters, passive in its resilience and resolve; a diplomat of peace through strength.
    3-Dot. The Phoenix, wife of the dragon, whose own ruin to ashes triggers its splendid and joyful reincarnation. Guardian of the South.
    4-Dot. The Jade, considered the immortal Chinese stone from heaven, given as a gift to Man to work, tool, and defend with, for through hard work and defense comes a long and principled life.

    (source of the picture)

    5-Dot. The Dragon, husband to the Phoenix, a chaotic creature that comes not when called, but unbidden at its own will, and whose arrival often brings good fortunes. Guardian of the East.
    6-Dot. The Peach embodies the bare and beautiful female spirit, succulent, soft, and youthful.
    7-Dot. The Bee, whose toil and undistracted busy activity, for being so small, can achieve amazing results in short terms.
    8-Dot. The White Tiger, guardian of the West, is courageous, strong, and assertive.
    9-Dot. The Unicorn, who sees clearly the events to come, is not wrong in his judgment of Man's character.

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  • Re: Mahjong Divination
    « Reply #1 on: January 17, 2017, 08:13:00 AM »
    (continuing from above)

    Bamboo: The Axis of Earth
    1-Bamboo. The Peacock, who is both successful and boasting, must also be wary that his colors shouldn't attract the wrath of envy, and his arrogance be his undoing.
    2-Bamboo. The Duck lives in married bliss, both loving and loved, caring and cared for, giving and receiving of devotion.
    3-Bamboo. The Toad, with much ambition, leaps and finds himself precariously clinging to the other side. He may recover from his folly, but not without uncertainty.
    4-Bamboo. The Carp lives a life of tranquil abundence, living through peace and its rewards.

    (source of the picture)

    5-Bamboo. The Lotus Flower, often the seat of Chinese deities, grows from dank mud, up through water, to emerge beautiful, pure, and wonderfully scented.
    6-Bamboo. Water, which flows, carrying its message, and sometimes the messenger as well, to the recipient who must hear this message.
    7-Bamboo. The Tortoise, guardian of the North, representative of winter, and one who lives seemingly forever, is successful though patience and time.
    8-Bamboo. The Mushroom is odd and unexpected, but whose presence is enduring and eternal, foretelling unexpected things with lasting impact.
    9-Bamboo. The Willow Tree bends in heavy winds, to yield without breaking, whose strength during adversity is its unyielding flexibility.

    Characters: Life of Man
    1-Character. An Open Door is an obstacle that has yielded to entry.
    2-Character. A Sword, often the symbol of Twins, must make and carry out necessary decisions, for to ruminate can be a delay too late.
    3-Character. The Earth is stable, the very foundation upon which all else rises.
    4-Character. The Lute is an instrument of idle relaxation, of retirement after labor.

    (source of the picture)

    5-Character. The House is where you dwell and live your life.
    6-Character. Fire, which both warms yet consumes, must be employed with balance, a force of nature, which through intelligence can be harnessed, but through folly can become unbridled.
    7-Character. The Seven Stars, often a symbol of creative growth but at its own pace, just as the plants grow that which the gardener may seed and prune, there is hope in a future that is tended to.
    8-Character. The Knot can be both bound yet undone, the situation is convoluted. The Sword would cut the binds, yet the Duck would see them hold fast.
    9-Character. The Heavens are a promise at the end of things, of fulfilment for life here on Earth; a symbol of moving on.

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  • Re: Mahjong Divination
    « Reply #2 on: January 17, 2017, 10:07:55 AM »
    (continuing from above)

    Cardinal tiles
    Resist the temptation to associate the cardinal tiles with dragons, since the dragon-link is entirely a Western one, and has no real correlation symbolically to the spirit embodied by the cardinal tiles. They originate from the notations of archery, and therefore relate more to Man's aspirations, aim, intent, pursuit, desire, accuracy, and achievement.

    (source of the image)
    The red Zhōng represents an arrow striking its target, that goals once sought are achieved, center, success.
    The green Fā represents preparedness and potency, an arrow drawn at the ready, aspirations, prosperity, and pursuit.
    The blue Bái, or blank tile, when it arrives early, may represent the bank slate awaiting is marks, new beginnings, and of futures unknown. If the Bái arrives late, it could also represent that no marks wore scored during the contest, a miss, failure, and obscurity.

    (source of the image)
    Plum Blossom is the happy lucky flower, full of innocence and naiveté, which flourishes in the spring's east wind.
    Orchid is the rare, refined flower of exquisite experiences to enjoy, which flourishes in the summer's south wind.
    Chrysanthemum is the social flower of leisure, and light-hearted entertaining good times, which flourishes in the autumn's west wind.
    Bamboo is the flowering plant of paper from which all scholarly pursuits spring,  writing, reading, research and planning, which flourish in the winter's north wind.

    (source of the image)
    Seasons and Pursuits
    Spring and the fisherman, through patience, and quiet solitude, gather the fruits of their meditation.
    Summer and the woodcutter no doubt represents solid and steadfast things hewn before their natural demise, to be successfully reshaped for the woodcutter's needs. The key to reading the woodcutter is determining if the querent's perspective is the woodcutter's or the Wood he cuts.
    Autumn and the farmer. Physical and arduous labor is necessary for success. He reaps what he sows and nurtures.
    Winter and the scholar. This is the time of intellectual pursuits.

    (source of the image)
    Winds and Tile Concordance
    Some tiles flow with a natural concordance, and so those tiles are linked and augment one another.

    East Wind. East winds blow toward the querent himself, adding a centrist importance to the reading. East winds align with spring's fisherman, the plum blossom, the colors blue and green, the "Dragon Constellation" (5-Dot), and the element of wood.

    South Wind. A south wind blows in favorable direction. South winds align with summer's woodcutter, the orchid, the color red, the "Phoenix Constellation" (3-Dot), and the element of fire.

    West Wind. The west wind is a wind of obstruction. Its direction is away from the querent; this reading is not a querent-centric reading. The reading could be interpreted as what is drifting further away from the querent, or to indicate that the reading is relating more toward someone other than the querent. West winds align with autumn's farmer, the chrysanthemum, the color white, the "Tiger Constellation" (8-Dot), and the element of metal.

    North Wind. North winds blow toward difficulty and shortages, which can be balanced by southern winds. North winds align with winter's scholar, the bamboo flower, the color black, the "Tortoise Constellation" (7-Bamboo), and the element of water.

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  • Re: Mahjong Divination
    « Reply #3 on: January 17, 2017, 01:32:20 PM »

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Mahjong Divination
    « Reply #4 on: January 18, 2017, 12:48:00 AM »
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  • Re: Mahjong Divination
    « Reply #5 on: January 19, 2017, 06:13:30 AM »
    Some interesting links:

    A tile spread plus the meaning of the tiles - Divination Using Mahjong
    Mah Jong Tiles Used For Fortune Telling And Chinese Astrology
    Mahjong cards and their meanings - The Mahjong Oracle
    Online Mahjong readings - in English; in French
    Symbolism in Mahjong

    Vintage Mahjong set, 1920s (source)

    five arts forum

    Re: Mahjong Divination
    « Reply #5 on: January 19, 2017, 06:13:30 AM »
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