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  • Introduction to Medical Feng Shui
    « on: September 23, 2017, 06:40:42 PM »
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  • Re: Introduction to Medical Feng Shui
    « Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 11:03:41 PM »
    Here's an excerpt from another interesting article, Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine by Amanda Collins.

    "The intention of Chinese medicine and feng shui is the same: to bring good qi flow through a person’s home and body. Feng shui teaches that your home is merely an outward reflection of what is happening on the inside. It then uses the same principles—adjusting the quality and quantity of qi, yin/yang, and the Five Elements—to bring the person and home back into health and harmony.

    The following are examples of how the home is an external manifestation of what is going on in the inside:

        Leaking faucets waste energy, and suggest abundance is flowing out of the home
        Loose door handles suggest not having a firm grip on health and life
        Burnt out bulbs signal burning oneself out
        Blocked drains reflect blocked emotions
        A cluttered home usually reflects being stuck in life, and maybe having extra weight on the body, along with allergies and little energy.

    When examining the home to bring it into balance, we look at what’s called the trigram map. These trigrams are associated with magnetic directions, the Five Elements and their corresponding colors, human personality types, body parts, related illnesses, and numbers. 

    The northwest trigram is related to the main father/ husband in the home. It also has to do with the physical body parts of head and lungs, large intestines, and the Element of Metal. If the person who lives in this house is experiencing breathing problems, we would immediately find out what is going on in this location of the home. Is there clutter? Is that direction or location of the building missing? Are there sharply pointed items in this location? Do the five elements need to be balanced here? All these things are blocking the qi flow or creating a negative energy and causing toxicity.

    The southwest location is related to the main woman of the home and the physical connection is to reproductive organs and fertility. If a couple was trying to conceive and could not, we would again rebalance the energies and Elements to create a positive chi flow to this area. We can also do things according to the couple’s dates of birth, such as put them in their best directions to sleep, eat and work. We would bring in Elements, colors, and symbolic items that will support fertility and energy flow to start a family.

    Both the body and buildings have meridian lines running through them. In feng shui we call them Earth meridians and we use Earth’s acupuncture to bring about balance in the environment. Again we would use the same remedies of Five Elements and three cycles of creative, reductive, and destructive flow in both temples. In acupuncture, practitioners burn moxa to get energy flowing, and in feng shui we use sage or palo santo.

    In both acupuncture and feng shui we view energy flowing the same that we view the flow of water to promote a healthy flow in both home and body. A practitioner of Chinese medicine might recommend a cleanse with herbs and certain foods to bring the body into balance, while in feng shui, similar suggestions are made to de-clutter the rooms, drawers, cupboards, and perform a cleansing upon the space.

    Chinese medicine’s goal is to release sha energy blockages in the human body because such blockages create disease; feng shui also releases sha energy, but in the home, to support sleep, digestion, and peace: qualities in the home environment that also promote health in the human body."

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  • Re: Introduction to Medical Feng Shui
    « Reply #2 on: November 02, 2019, 10:50:47 AM »
    This fragment is from "Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui" by David Twicken, which appeared in Acupuncture Today – June, 2005, Vol. 06, Issue 06. Happy learning! :)

    Medical Applications in the Shou Gua of I Ching
    The following gua (trigrams) and their corresponding anatomical structures are the foundation components of many systems of feng shui and its ability to predict specific health conditions. The eight gua are as follows:

    • Qian /Heaven functions like the head.
    • Kun /Earth functions like the stomach.
    • Zhen /Thunder functions like the foot.
    • Xun /Wind functions like the thigh.
    • Kan /Water functions like the ear.
    • Li /Fire functions like the eye.
    • Gen /Mountain functions like the hand.
    • Dui /Lake functions like the mouth.
    • Qian is Heaven, the father and Metal.
    • Kun is Earth, the mother and Earth.
    • Zhen is Thunder, the first/eldest son and Wood.
    • Xun is Wind, the first/eldest daughter and Wood.
    • Kan is Water, the second son and Water.
    • Li is Fire, the second daughter and Fire.
    • Gen is Mountain, the youngest son and Earth.
    • Dui is Lake, the youngest daughter and Metal.

    These two sections are located in the Shou Gua of the I Ching, and provide the basis for predicting potential health problems and which family members may be influenced by unfavorable feng shui conditions.

    An integral aspect of the I Ching is realizing that life is the integration of numerous aspects. The I Ching offers a way of viewing, understanding and harmonizing them; feng shui offers a method to do the same thing in our living spaces.

    Two major influences in feng shui are the external/internal forms and the Five-Element interactions of the gua. From a health perspective, we can look at external/internal forms and the Five Elements as activators of each gua in influencing the health of residents of a specific house or apartment.
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    Re: Introduction to Medical Feng Shui
    « Reply #2 on: November 02, 2019, 10:50:47 AM »
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