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Cultural influence on Bazi
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:10:09 PM »
This book might be of interest to bazi learners. It is said men with strong wealth element normally consult their wives when they want to make a decision,like buying a new car. They care too much about their opinion.
Now,in feminine cultures like Holland, Scandinavia, France,Portugal men are socialized to consult their wives on anything. On the contrary in masculine cultures like the Anglo-Germanic,Chinese and Japanese, men arent expected to ask permission or opinion to thier wives,though in general the entire world is becoming more feminine since the last war,as a result of the ageing population and women´s access to the work market.
So men from feminine cultures are all by default DMs with strong wife element and men from masculine cultures all strong DM with little wife element,by default.

I`m curious to know what happens when a man from a masuline country has a chart with strong wife element and a man from  a feminine culture has a strong DM with weak wife.
Since bazi originated in a masculine society,its not surprising that chinese believe wife is what you control. I wonder if Bazi had been developed in Sweden?

Read the chapter He,she and them

A Dutch management consultant taught part of a course for Indonesian
middle managers from a public organization that operated all over the
archipelago. In the discussion following one of his presentations, a Javanese
participant made a particularly lucid comment, and the teacher praised him
openly. The Javanese responded, “You embarrass me. Among us, parents
never praise their children to their face.”29
This anecdote illustrates two things. First, it demonstrates how
strong, at least in Indonesia, is the transfer of behavior models from the
family to the school situation, the teacher being identifi ed with the father.
Second, it expresses the virtue of modesty in the Javanese culture to an
extent that even surprised the Dutchman. Indonesia is a multiethnic country,
one for which national culture scores may be misleading. Indonesians
He, She, and (S)he 159
agree that especially on the tough-tender dimension, ethnic groups within
the country vary considerably, with the Javanese taking an extreme position
toward the tender side. The Dutch consultant said that even some of
the other Indonesians were surprised by the Javanese’s feelings. A Batak
from the island of Sumatra said that he now understood why his Javanese
boss never praised him when he himself felt that praise should have been
due. In feminine cultures, teachers will rather praise weaker students, in
order to encourage them, than openly praise good students. Awards for
excellence—whether for students or for teachers—are not popular; in fact,
excellence is a masculine term.30
For a number of years Geert taught U.S. students in a semester-long
program of European studies at a Dutch university. To some of the Americans,
he gave the assignment to interview Dutch students about their goals
in life. The Americans were struck by the fact that the Dutch seemed much
TABLE 5.3 Key Differences Between Feminine and Masculine Societies
II: Gender and Sex
Being responsible, decisive,
ambitious, caring, and gentle is for
women and men alike.
Girls don’t cheer for boys.
Women’s liberation means that men
and women take equal shares both at
home and at work.
Single standard: both sexes are
Same norms for showing male or
female nudity
Explicit discussion of sex, less
implicit symbolism
Sex is a way for two persons to relate.
Sexual harassment is a minor issue.
Homosexuality is considered a fact
of life.

Being responsible, decisive, and
ambitious is for men; being caring
and gentle is for women.
Women’s ambition is channeled
toward men’s success.
Women’s liberation means that
women are admitted to positions so
far occupied by men.
Double standards: men are subjects,
women objects.
Stronger taboo on showing male than
female nudity
Taboo on explicit discussion of sex,
but implicit erotic symbolism
Performance for a man can be
exploitation for a woman.
Sexual harassment is a big issue.
Homosexuality is considered a threat
to society.
less concerned with grades than they expected. Passing was considered
enough; excelling was not an openly pronounced goal. Gert Jan’s experiences
with students from all over the world are similar. Students from
masculine countries may ask to take an exam again after passing with a
mediocre grade—Dutch students almost never do so. Such experiences in
teaching at home and abroad and discussions with teachers from different
countries have led us to conclude that in the more feminine cultures, the
average student is considered the norm, while in more masculine countries,
the best students are the norm. Parents in these masculine countries expect
their children to try to match the best. The “best boy in class” in the Netherlands
is a somewhat ridiculous fi gure.31
This difference is noticeable in classroom behavior. In masculine cultures,
students try to make themselves visible in class and compete openly with
each other (unless collectivist norms put a limit to this; see Chapter 4).
In feminine countries, assertive behavior and attempts at excelling are
easily ridiculed. Excellence is something one keeps to oneself; it easily leads
to jealousy. Gert Jan remembers being told by a classmate when he was
fourteen, “We know you are smart—but you don’t have to show it all the
time.” When he moved to Lausanne, in Switzerland, the following year, he
was admired, not rebuked, for being clever.
In the feminine Scandinavian countries, people call their own attitude
in this regard the Law of Jante (Janteloven). The Law of Jante, a nickname
chosen for a small Danish town, was codifi ed in the 1930s by the Danishborn
Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose, and in an English translation it
runs as follows:
You should not believe that
you are anything
you are just as much as us
you are wiser than us
you are better than us
you know more than we do
you are more than we are
or that you are good at anything
You should not laugh at us
You should not think
that anybody likes you
or that you can teach us anything.32
He, She, and (S)he 161
Failing in school is a disaster in a masculine culture. In strongly masculine
countries such as Japan and Germany, the newspapers carry reports
each year about students who killed themselves after failing an examination.
In a 1973 insider story, a Harvard Business School graduate reported
four suicides—one teacher, three students—during his time at this elite
American institution.33 Failure in school in a feminine culture is a relatively
minor incident. When young people in these cultures take their lives, it
tends to be for reasons unrelated to performance.
Competitive sports play an important role in the curriculum in countries
such as Britain and the United States. To a prominent U.S. sports
coach the dictum is attributed, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only
thing,”34 which doesn’t encourage friendly encounters in sports. In most
other European countries, sports are extracurricular and not a part of the
school’s main activities.

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Cultural influence on Bazi
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:10:09 PM »
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