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  • Journey to the West CM implications!
    « on: August 15, 2018, 05:43:22 PM »
    Hi @guhai,
    Thanks for the thumbs up!  ;)
    Thought i start a new subject post on this.
    The Journey to the West have many many CM implications and knowledge hidden within it.
    The most obvious being Tang Monk, and his 4 Disciples.

    The Monkey King: He of course is represented by metal. The Monkey King was born from a rock. Earth produces Metal.
    He took the form of a Monkey another representation of Metal. From the Monkey King we can see how powerful the ancients viewed the energy of Metal.
    From his experiences and adventures we can tell how the ancients viewed 申 Zodiac.

    They consider 申 to contain the purest energy of Metal in nature. This type of energy is not afraid of any element and can not be destroyed by any element.
    We can see this by the storyline of the Monkey King, he is not afraid of water he shook the East Dragon Palace and extorted the Dragon Emperor for a weapon.
    He went into the cauldron that Tai Shang Lao Jun used to make his heavenly pills.

    He was only able to be subdued by the Buddha, who represented a higher Form of Earth and Fire. Yet the Buddha did not or could not destroy him.
    He was locked under the 5 finger mountain for 500 years until Tang Monk came to release him and because of this The Monkey King gave the Tang Monk his honor.
    It was out of 义 that The Monkey King began to follow the Tang Monk and became his disciple.
    Metal represents 义 /honor/righteousness/morality 义 has such a deep meaning it is very hard to use a english word to fully describe it.

    The Tang Monk: Here is when it goes very interesting, we have to understand that in CM Fire and Earth share the same image.
    There share the same 12 life stage in the zodiac. It is quite obvious here that the Tang Monk represents both Fire and Earth.
    It is no wonder why many people call attaining buddhahood attaining pure land or 静土.

    Which is why in 八字 if we see Earth clashes. We can say for certain that this person has a hard time sitting still especially when it is a 辰戌 clash but that is another story.

    Fire also shares image of buddhahood because it represents knowledge of buddha while earth represents the compassion of buddha.

    In the story he is in yellow clothing but drapped in a golden red robe. He is extremely compassionate but has the power to control the most
    powerful weapon in the known world (The Monkey King).

    We can also see some of the negative characteristics of earth coming from Tang Monk like his stubbornness and his inability to fully trust.
    Earth also represents trust. This also gives clues as in why he had to continue to reincarnate and what lessons he had to learn before he could return to the buddha.

    Zhu Baijie(Pigsy): Zhu Baijie is also quite obvious in the story line he is dressed in black robes and takes the form of pig.  Water represents wits/intelligence.
    Before he was banished to earth he was the 天蓬元帅, who was in charge of the heavenly river representing water.
    We can see that in most of the story pigsy was always the one trying to think of ways to outsmart the Monkey King. He always tried to find a way to be lazy.
    He also showed signs of being a playboy before he became a disciple of Tang Monk.

    His wits was also integral in many parts of the story when it came to saving the Tang Monk.

    Zhu BaiJie is quite a mistaken character in the story, some might consider him a pervert of sorts. Yet in reality we can say that he is a true romantic.
    He was thrown out of heaven because he fell in love. He fell in love on earth but he could not be accepted because of his true form.
    He is true representation of 情 in this world.
    From Zhu Baijie we can see many characteristics of water. He is smart, yet lazy, and a true romantic.

    The Dragon horse: He was the young prince of the Dragon Emperor, He was a young White Dragon or some would say share the same image as a white snake.
    巳. He ate the horse of the Tang Monk and because of this he had to replace the horse as punishment.
    We can see how Fire and Earth here is sharing the same image as the horse and snake is both the 臨官, and 帝旺 positions of both Horse and Snake.
    He shows many signs of earth's other characteristics. He is in the background yet he is integral to the story a very earthy characteristic.
    He came out in a couple instances just in the nick of time to save the Tang Monk.
    He is like that surprise card that gets played and no body really notices until he comes onto the field.
    Another very earthy characteristic, he is also very reliable and never had disagreements or left Tang Monk side.
    A good example of 礼 and 信. You can see that in the story he behaves in very mannered way because he is a prince.
    He was taught to always behave with manner or 礼.

    沙僧 Sand Monk: By now he should be the most obvious as we have only one element left to cover. He first appeared in Green robes during his battle with Zhu Baijie.
    It is said that he was also a general for the Jade Emperor but because he accidentally destroyed a artifact. The Jade Emperor punished him by sending him to Earth.
    He reincarnated by a shallow pond and preyed on humans around there ever since. It is says he reincarnated as a Tiger. Out of the 12 zodiac the Tiger is the only zodiac that eats humans. It is why he was only promoted to arhat and not given buddhahood after Journey to the West.
    His karma had already been created before he embarked on the Journey and this could not be changed. He still had karma waiting for him and his journey was not fully
    completed like the rest.
    We can see many traits of wood in Sand Monk. First off he was the most loyal of the disciples. Wood represents 忠 Loyalty.
    We can see throughout the story of Journey to the West how Sand Monk show's is loyalty.
    Once he made up his mind the follow the Tang Monk he never looked back and dedicated his whole soul to the Journey.
    This can be made in comparison to 关羽 of Three Kingdoms ("The Guan Gong"). He is given the title of God of Loyalty by the Chinese people.
    (Guan Gong is always potrayed red faced in green robes sharing the image of both wood and fire).

    There is much much more to be said and one post will not fit it all. I will try to explain more next time when i have the time.


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  • Re: Journey to the West CM implications!
    « Reply #1 on: August 15, 2018, 11:16:36 PM »
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    Re: Journey to the West CM implications!
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