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  • When is the best time to learn Chinese metaphysics by Master Issac Chung

    To be success in learning Chinese metaphysics, it is depending on which age you learn.
    Different age has different advantage and disadvantage.

    If you starting learning when you are a child, which mean that you may know those knowledge already in your previous life, that’s why you have a hidden link with it which give you a chance to connect it again in this life.

    You can get those proof from “Dao Tin Bo Chiu King都天寶照經.中篇 -若人得遇是前緣,天下橫行陸地仙。”

    The advantage for learning in Childhood time is the person has long period of time to practice his learning and get the proof of his knowledge, because of our life has a limitation, therefore as younger as he is learning, he knows his designation and wouldn’t waste the time in searching his own path.

    Moreover, he wouldn’t focus on using this kind of knowledge to earn his living; he learns because of interesting, his mind like a piece of white paper, a real master will like to teach him deeply to let him to carry on the lineage.

    The only disadvantage is this person will lose the interest to compete with the others because of he knows his designation. He will follow his karma and give up the aggressive. Since his age affect his comprehension, he also needs to take more time to digest what he has learn before he can make that knowledge fully function.

    If a person is learning in young age, it is similar as learn from childhood time, but it is a little bit better in comprehension because of the mind have better development on that moment. The disadvantage is most young people are focus on dating which will affect their learning.

    If a person is learning in middle age, he will have better financial situation to support his research but the disadvantage is he will be more concern about the financial return which make him easier falling into the fake master’s track.

    If a person is learning in old age, the time limitation makes him more eager to find a short cut and convert that knowledge into financial benefit. He will try to learn from different masters in a short period of time to copy their knowledge to form his school or joining one of the master’s franchises. The only exception is he already rich who only wants to find a solution to make his children carry on his wealth or his social group like to talk about metaphysics.

    Source: https://masterissacchung.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/surfing-on-chinese-metaphysics-over-40-years-8-when-is-the-best-time-to-learn-chinese-metaphysics/

    Many other good articles by Master Issac Chung telling his experiences on Chinese metaphysics: https://masterissacchung.wordpress.com/category/surfing-on-chinese-metaphysics-over-40-years/

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