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  • Dear mountain,

    This is your sister chart.

    Ji     Ding     Bing    Jia
    You   Mao      Zi      Xu

    Ding fire born at peak of winter. First need wood to support fire you have at grandparents pilar its means your grandparent supporting you in your life especially when you was child. Wood rooted at spouse pillar and of course your spouse will improve your luck. Wood means mother too, your mother always love you support you in your life.. Secondly at winter season weather is cold fortunately you have Bing fire/sun to warm your chart. Bing fire in your sibling palace and bing fire means your friend. Friend and sibling always give you warm, love and care..

    Ji earth at hour pillar means your are thinker and it is not good for you because if someone must thinking when support come it will go away and its means  in later ages your energy for your child.

    Sometimes you have problem/punishment with your boss or parents.. Your feeling up and down with them but it is cycle production and with bad things have a good things..

    Your luck will improved at later age especially start at 45.. Now you need your friend, spouse, mother to improve your luck.. You can joint venture or working together with your friend to improve yor luck, career and wealth..

    Dear ahboy,

    Your DM is bing fire born in peak of winter. Bing fire is a sun. Sun always needed all people especially at winter to warm, when season is cold. When your child, you have problem(chaos) in your family.  You have strong fire energy and strong energy need to produce earth. You are smart and talented. You need to be humble because even you are smart humble will appreciate by other people. Earth is fire output it is your inteligence but earth will counter water. Water means authority and bing fire always need water especially ren water/river because river will make sun bright clearly and beautiful. You cannot see sun directly with your eyes but when you see in the river you will say sun is beautiful. In your chart dont have ren water its means you cannot be a famous people but fortunately you have a smart brain and with your brain you will make money. Just need efforts to make money and fortunately again  your luck period support your brain to make money.

    Year pillar clash with month pillar means something problem / chaos when your child and connect with your familly. Your self clash with parents but you are strong you cannot be pressed by other. Second zi is your child element and clash with wu. The period you walk next south sector its means you will strong and bing fire being hot and press water. Its means when you too emotional your child being pressed and not good for your children. Thrid wu zi clash is indication problem with health especially water element -- kidney, reproduction, etc. Its means you have inbalance body related water element. Especially when your fire overheated the effect press water and not balance. Or when you over at your career your body related water element will be weak. Fortunately you have metal to assist so its better. :) fourth normally Bing fire need authority to became a famous people but by clash officer/authority not prospereoua again and you cannot be a famous people even you are smart and arrogant.

    Ding Si (hour)
    Wu Chen
    Xin Si
    Yi Chou

    You are earth day master. Earth like mother who create life. Earth need wood(spouse element) to controlled earth , so earth would not thick, and productive and penetrate but in your chart metal(output/thinking/intelligence) chop wood and wood cannot grow. So i think you need to change your self to be a good mother/wife/women like earth.

    Wu Chen
    Jia Yin
    Ding Wei
    Ren Xu
    Wow you have 3 tombs in your chart.. Jia normally at wei month need rain because earth is dry. But your chart no rain just have tomb of water. I want to know how your life when your child till now? Can you tell us? You have smooth life?

    First i want to say you are not weak day master or weak wood Because your wood have rooted. Second you have tomb of water and its means wood can still alive even the season is dry and hot. The problem is wei xu punishment and it is your problem at your family. Your feeling is complicated because your family but you can be a success person. It is just a process in your life to be a good son. If you want active your water element first you need married and have a children and fortunately next period is water season. Its means you can be grow, feel supporting and fresh. :) This period you have chance to married. If you missed it you have chance next period. Dont worry You have a lot of chance to meet partner or go into relationship. :)

    I want to say have 3tombs is cool even your life have a bad feeling

    Dear vandy,

    Yes for minimal risk even sometime is hard if destiny say A, we want B but A still happen. But we try the best as we can.

    Hmm your energy to fire and fire to earth. So i will read focused on fire. Before i focused in fire i need to see water and even your water at tombs it is still useful. You can imagine you are like tree who sit on earth to growth, have rooted, and in down of earth have water(support,takent), root(strong), and fire(your intelligence). But when all of them stored in down of earth you cannot directly use because its stored in earth. Just your wealth you can expossed. Its means all of them your talent, your strong, your intelligence -- you cannot show off. We need waiting when the tombs open and active.

    So you dont worry if your chart lack of metal element because no authority means you cannot be a leader, i meant someone have a very good capacity to be a good leader or the other means lack affinity with your children. But when chart and decade is good you still can make a money even you cannot be a good leader. Sometimes read bazi not always balancing like no metal in the chart, how to use metal element.

    Ji Wei
    Gui Wei
    Gui Hai
    Wu Chen
    Dear userzname,

    Yin water is soft nature and most of yin element. Yin water need pure and clean so people will blessed because its usefull. Your chart have red soil it will become not clean again its means you are not dicipline. First if we talk about spouse in your chart YANG earth will combine with your friend its means you have fighting with other about your spouse but in the end your spouse will go away. Second at later age of after combine you will have second spouse and maybe not married just you have relationship with him. Note : it is probably and not always. When your age 35yo your spouse energy will become stronger because fire and earth energy will increase. Its means your wealth and authority will come but the other means you will feel press by other(spouse, wealth, authority. Now you walk at west sector and you learn about anything(life, education, and etc). First you need learn as posible as you can because it is fundamental for your future. When authority come if you are smart and you have high eductation, it will reduce of sha energy in your future and people will apreciate you especially your spouse, authority and wealth, reduce the bad things. When authority come you need stronger to fight with them. How to be stronger women? Education and become smart. My reason when woman smart and clean, man cannot control woman over and cannot pressed woman. Good luck and good night. :s_airkiss

    Ji Hai
    Xin Wei
    Bing Wu
    Ren Xu
    Dear rose,

    You need be patient and waiting because your future will be good. This period until your age 34 it is not good for you and you feel like your achievement is nothing but next periode when your age 34 - 39 it will be better than now. But you need to know when your age 39 - 44 your emotional feeling will up and down and feeling press by your environment. Your spouse or environment or your career energy will be higher and press you like jewel being pressed by fire. After that you when your age 44 - old. Your luck will improve and it is going up, it is like when you in the hot weather, you will thirsty and get cold water and the weather neutralized by air conditioner.

    For spouse it seems your chart says you will love him and loyal with him. Sometimes he will press you because you love him very much and sometimes not because you are smart and can control him it seems complicated about feeling, love, and your thinking. You have change too marry like aoefengshui says.

    Your children will be smart and support you, your life and luck will be improve when your child is born. Your children will love you and support you when you old.

    My suggest you need to be patient until the timing is come. Good luck. :)


    Ohh i see. I cannot suggest you which field better for you but from your chart you have 2 indirect wealth and will support killing which means you have capacity to be a business people and to be a leader

    Geng Xu
    Ren Yin
    Gui Hai
    Gui Hai
    Hi florida,

    Yes you are water day master and over water in your chart. Too many water in your chart become cold and when the chart too cold need warm it and its means your feeling too Much sadness and fear. So you need to be happy person and enjoy it.

    For spouse --- control your nature first after that love him and trust him and communication is important with your spouse.

    For luck -- you are lucky person you will get wealthy because your luck/way support your chart. :) and if you get married and have child it will be ++ luck for you. You have chance to meet your spouse next year. If you are in relationship, next year is time to married.


    Dear florida,

    From your question about boss and colleagues? From your chart seems not smooth, probably 2016 you will have something problem with your boss.

    About relationship? First i want to say control your self anf your emotion because it will affected to your spouse. Your spouse seems press by you. From your chart your spouse has a emotional feeling problem because of you. He cannot control you.

    Your chart seems you are like enormous water need to be controlled by mountain. Mountain is your spouse but your spouse energy will lose if fighting with your energy because overflowing water.

    You are lucky person, you can get a good spouse and good children but you need change yourself first after that your relationship will be ok and after married, have children your luck will be going up.


    Xin Hai
    Ren Yin
    Gui Si
    Xin Wei
    Dear anturium,

    Wow she is pure and clean in her chart. It makes she is pretty.

    Better married at 26-31. And she will go away from her parents and with her husband. Her luck will improve after married because her energy will go to her husband and it is good for her and after have children, take care her family(husband and children) Her wealth will improve. Her luck is going to west sector (shen and You), it means she will learn more and she will show her talent and not be greedy to make wealth because her chart need balance. But overall her luck is good nothing to worry much. I will suggest her to support her spouse career so the energy will good.

    She need enjoy in her life and career so better she would choose what she want. She need a lot of activity in her career example from one palace to other palace(active) so she is not boring. Teacher, speaking is more key in her career because she has good speaking to other. Like motivator, sales, etc. So her nature will improve.

    2016 she have chance to married.

    Note : im sorry if my english is bad. :)


    Geng Zi (hour)
    Bing Chen
    Yi Chou
    Gui Chou

    Period Metal

    Dear mich,

    This decade until 44 is a ambitious decade you attract to much related wealth and career, not good to be greedy because it will makes your health decline. Your health problem between liver, kidney, or reproduction system. It will makes you easily tired. Second from your chart compare this decade will makes you weak. You cannot achieve everything what you want related money. Your expectation is higher than result because probably planning and gaining wealth will clash and become weak. So better not to be ambitious.


    Gui CHou (hour
    Wu Yin
    Yi You
    Geng Wu

    Your luck will better after married.. You need extra efforts to get your achievement and your expectation. If the birth time is correct. You attract too much with money and especially your career. I think attract too much is not good for you because it will make your energy not balance. Joint partner 1 solution supporting your luck. You can use your intilligence and support your partner to get money. Good luck and i am just begginer. :)
    Your question very tricky but my answer your decade not support your luck(im sorry to say this). Your decade walk at north sector its means your wealth but you cannot achieve it because your capacity not support you. Conflict between planning and action is one of your problem. Even you said you have no luck will girl but after you married your spouse will support your luck and you need her in your life to improve your life. The problem you are too much thinking or too much talking in your life and it will be weakening your life. Second your spouse energy much stronger than you and it means your spouse will dominant than you.

    My reading just from your chart and you can improve your luck with a good knowledge so when wealth come you can get it with your knowledge and capacity.

    (Zi period)
    Wu     Geng     Ren     Jia
    Yin     Chen     Shen   Zi
    Dear meixia,

    If you want to be entrepreneur, you can go to make company related advisor or problem solving and etc but this is not absolute. I just can see you have a good luck but depend on your way now, what you see now, how you are, your background, etc.

    Yes you are Yang Metal = Geng metal. I dont see your chart with strong or weak and cannot see your chart depend on strong weak. But your chart energy is flowing. :)
    Ding Si (hour)
    Wu Yin
    Wu Yin
    Yi You
    Dear zwdsflying,

    Bazi is art. :) Strong or weak just first layer. Water is good because water can grow wood and earth not dry. At Yin month, wu earth have a job to grow wood, so wood can be life. So wu earth at Yin month first need Bing fìre after that need Gui water. This chart already have Bing fire, 2 at Yin tiger and 1 at Si snake. So this chart already warm. When water come the living wood can grow with Bing, gui and lived at wu earth. If we want to talk strong or weak it is strong chart. :) In my opinion talk about strong and weak, structure is never ending because every reader have own opinion and reader opinion depend on what reader perspective so it is never ending. Hehehe. Just begginer opinion

    Gui Wei
    Yi Mao
    Yi Si
    Ren Xu
    Dear kurojung,

    Your efforts and hardworking it will become fruitfull at later age when you reach 39-old. When wood decade water is drained grow yourself, its means you feel lost your support/ spirit/ hard time but it is cycle production and it can grow yourself also grow your intelligence. Hurting officer people always thinking too much but fortunately you have resource to grow your self. :) When 39 water will rooted and grow your self, you will feel enjoy also your luck will growing up.


    Geng      Ji        Wu        Bing
    Wu         Mao    Xu         Xu
    Ji earth at Xu month which earth is thick and hot inside Xu. Robbery at heaven will make earth more thick and plus Bing fire at heavenly stem which rooted at combination mao xu, and wu xu become fire again. Fortunately he has Geng metal which means his output or HO ~ His yongshen. His energy will going to Geng metal and its his intelligence. HO nature like enjoy and free, likes arts, music,  everything will make him enjoy, etc. doesnt like to be controlled by Wood/ officer/ 7k-dicipline. Ho/ geng metal will counter wood and if you teach him with a dicipline like soldier/ hard/ tough it will not be effective. Water will be good because his LP support him it means you can see what he want and you can support him by water(wealth, father) so he can get or learn what he want , talent also it will be more effective. Without water his intelligence cannot be improve you can imagine dry earth cannot produce good metal, metal will be burried by earth or metal will be weak be by fire. So wathcing him and see the progress what he like, and his talent is the best option. You can try to give him non formal study like arts or music or etc(it need 'wealth' too - i dont know how to explain with english language). Good luck and hope the best for your son.
    Simple word. HO is output and after your son has too much eat, he need output so his stomach is good, direct officer and 7k is control DM. So HO doesnt like to be control by DO, 7k. HO say better i enjoy and my stomach is good than control by other (DO,7K).

    Dear lucinder,

    Your son chart seems like to enjoy and free, dont push him because it will make him will be more stubborn and he will be press. The good thing if he listen her father is good. He need water in his life so earth can be soft and produce metal which is his intelligence. Water can means father so your husband can support him to be soft earth, give him and teach him knowledge how good his character, also teach him with a soft teaching and talking. More harder teaching too him make him more stubborn and become earth thick, tough. Strong fire in his chart its means probably mother will affect him or he feel press by mother and make him more though. Fortunately he walk at water period until 42 its means he has a good luck in general analyst until 42, after that his luck will be up and down or decline or not smooth again. Not good in school not means not success in his life but as a parents you give him the best you can do.

    @Officer I am Bing fire too. :)

    Too much fire will be tempramental and emotional also Bing fire have a big ego because its like sun, when too hot everything cannot be life ~ need water, when too weak not productive. Bing fire always like water, so its bright can see in the water and will be beautiful. Bing fire nature Tough, ego, sometimes rush. :)

    Dear Dogg,

    Close with Children is one way to cool your chart. Children is water element and can control your fire element but you need control your self first, if you not control your self first it will be hurt water. It will make your life will be improved.

    I can really relate to your responses and really thankful for it. Can I ask you about my relationship with my husband? I think he is full of opinions, most of which I tend to agree. Hope you can help.

    Ding      Geng       Xin          Ding
    Hai        Zi             Hai         Wei

    Hi Lucinder,

    This decade make you have strong output its means you will be too much talking or have argument with your spouse, also your output will counter your spouse element make him will be press. The other possibility your husband tired and he feel press by his career, also he need support. When you have a lot of argument with him or your thinking counter him, will make your chart become cold and you feel lonely and gloomy. So better you be quiet and calm, patience, support your husband or dont have any argument it will make your life will warmer. Comunication is better even your thinking not approve his opinion but with comunication together with him it will be better. Fortunately after this decade when your age 51, your relationship will be more smooth because next decade will support your spouse element, also your spouse luck will be good and your life will warmer.

    This chart is different case. Wu born at Xu month will different Wu born at Wu month, Also this chart have double Ren so earth not dry and all of the chart depend on the LP. Hate Wu and Ji earth at HS, At EB hate walk at east, south sector. East sector make water drained even earth control by wood.

    Day Gui Si
    Wu Xu
    Bing Chen

    Your son luck will increase when he reach 33-53. It seems better you need teach him to be dicipline person, and can control his emotional because his nature will be strong person and his chart is hot, it will become a lot of emotional in his 3 decade pillar. Dont spoiled him and you need teach him with a 'cold nature' like fire meet water. Also he will be good in his carrier with his intelligence. His health problem just because of hot nature it will impact to stomach, digestive system. His energy need to flow, and flowing to his intelligence it means his output or creativity like music, etc so he can enjoy and control his nature with 'output'. Also when 33-53 better he has a stabble job than business because business will easily failed because too greedy.

    壬 癸 癸 丙
    子 未 巳 午

    Dear Decha Woo

    From natal chart water fire fighting each other. It can be wealthy person or have a lot of debt but he still have money in his hand. Conflict between water and fire will make has a lot of problem related money or woman. Because robberry can take his wealth, Also dont like additional rob wealth and bijian it will make problem. Add HS doesnt like Ren, Gui, Xin, Geng. at EB doesnt like north LP (Chou, zi, Hai). West LP is ok just dont too rush. Spring LP is the best because it can be as tongguan. South LP is ok. It can be read as from weak become strong chart.

    *edit : Im forgot to add. He can be a business man if he can use the other person or partner with join venture to open business and also need profesional or advice to make decission because it easily when make wrong decission, money will gone away or rob wealth will rob his wealth.

    7 killing wei make punish the root, wu will clash with the root But in my opinion even clash and punish with his root, This bazi already have Ren water and gui water at HS so still will be ok just read a lot of chance, money come but it will depend on how the owner chart make opputurnity become good. And also because conflict Water with fire at natal chart and not have wood as tongguan it will make need detail when analyst this chart. When this chart not balance it will make his chart press by wealth and authority, but if see from wealth analyst it still good when south LP come. :)

    Strength DM it is one important but not most important. Also every reader have their own opinion when say strong or weak. The most important how to see the chart. :)

    You can imagine Gui water is rain it is most of yin element so we can say weak because at Si month when the weather is hot but at HS support by Ren water and gui water too. It can be double rain and one river so the water supply is strong. Why strong? You can imagine rain can create from river and the river sit at Zi. Ren Zi is prospereous. From natal chart Si wu wei sanhui combination is strong than punish. But when wei and wu from LP or AP come it will be punish the root (Zi) it will affect to hour pillar, His career. From strength analyst even root clash or punish still rain has support from Ren and Gui and this rain will continiuosly. It will make he will become usefull person and wealthy ( from natal chart analyst). Combination si wu wei is strong combination because it is in season also protuding at HS. When Xu LP it will combine with Wu horse become fire it will become wealth so he can going into business, Ji earth LP will clash with gui he can get achievement because one bijian is out. When Hai LP will additional robbery and it can break combination so his wealth will be rob it means it is easily to get failed. Why partner is important? Because gui element is most of yin, when he got partner even the profit need share but he can get more wealth than he open by himself and also the other probability can happen.

    Ren Yin
    Ren Wu
    Geng Wu
    Jia Xu

    Ren water at wu month when weather is hot with combination Yin Wu Xu make the weather more hot it will make water more needed in life. It will make you become usefull person in your environment and in your life. With Ren water in hour pillar its means you will have a good children and good career in the future. Friend will help you to make money. With Geng at month stem will make you have a good talent. A lot of fire in your natal chart its means a lot of opportunity to get money also meet woman. :) Fortunately your luck period support you to make money with your capacity and support from friend. This time is time to learn anything what you can and use your talent to get money. After that you can use your money to help people

    Bing    Ding    Xin     Ren
     Wu     Hai      Hai    Shen

    Ding fire at Hai month which officer is commander also protude, Xin support officer. Jia at hai like sprout, so jia cannot support well, fortunately has Bing fire and Bing fire sit at wu horse will warm whole chart.

    Ren water rooted at double hai and sit at shen. Sometimes it makes you become depressed and cold. Also sometimes Ren water clash with Bing, when you loss your support(bing fire) your chart become cold.

    This year is Yi Wei normally Yi will support your chart, but wu wei is punishment, this punishment make your feel also your root not so smooth.

    If use wei hour, double wei combine with double hai so support come it will make you get a lot of support.

    Xin Hai
    Ren Yin
    Xin You
    Wu Wu (year)

    Wu earth at you month which metal is commander. Double xin protude make resource strong support water. First need fire too warm chart, second need Wu earth to control water. Wu earth at HS fortunately sit at wu horse. So we hope earth can control water but root of wu earth which wu horse punish with you rooster make root not so stable. Also fortunately ren sit at Yin which is ren can flow the energy too wood and produce fire but Yin + Hai combine so fire/bing at Yin not so strong.

    He walk at north sector after that east sector. So we will focus on Yin tiger as a yongshen. His luck will much better when he reach 40s.

    He will better if not greedy in money making especially this decade. Next year shen will clash with yin so better take care of his health. It will related water and wood element such as reproduction system, kidney, stomach, liver, etc.

    Next year better not go to investment, not greedy because next year his wealth luck not so good. Also because Yin at spouse pillar and clash with shen it will make his relationship not so smooth, so better if he can control his emotional, and understand each other

    Hello All, especially to my dear TianTong

    Wu wei result is punishment based on my experience and this statement i get from one master too. I have seen few of chart when wu wei combine the result like punishment. When wu at day pillar(natal chart) combine with LP/AP wei if he/she already married it makes a lot of argument, the married become cold war and the worst case can be divorce, etc. When wu or wei at natal chart at hour pillar and combine with wu or wei at LP/AP something happen at career, children, etc(depend on the issue), and the result not smooth or problem in career, etc. This combination we need see whole chart and see human action too.

    NOTE : This is based on my experience and my knowledge. IF you feel its like rubbish, so up to you. :) Debating about theory just wasting time, some people will agree some people will not agree. Just believe what you believe. In the end accurate or not, depend on the master (also his or her experience) not theory.
    Ren Chen
    Xin Mao
    Ding Si
    WU Wu

    . The better word is hot chart with strong killing.
    2. Yes ren is usefull god and doesnt like additional wood and fire, also hot earth, wet earth will be good. At heavenly stem doesnt like additional fire, wood, earth.
    3. Ren at hour pillar will make your life at future will be better, also your children will good or after have children your luck more increase.
    4. If your usefull god ren water not 'touch' by other your health will be ok, fortunately you walk at metal decade so it will ok. But you need carefull because mao chen combine make root for water not so strong. Ren related kidney, reproduction system, imune system, etc. You need maintain your health especially xu decade. Xu bring resource and wu xu will combine make fire. Fire produce resource and weakening water, so maintain your health will be better.
    5. Normally mao chen make your relationship not so smooth and this decade is you rooster this decade have a few probablity. The better is more closer to parents or focus to children so problem with spouse is not so strong.
    6. Xin you is good decade it means friend come to help. Its make hurting officer more stronger. You rooster will combine with si snake and its means bijian help to support hurting. It is good decade in making money.
    7. Ren decade will good. Xu decade not so smooth.

     Xin at si month like wet earth as resource. Wu earth at year pillar sit at wu horse so it is hot earth.
    4. Not touched means wu earth, ji earth clashed with ren water, because earth is 7killing or direct officer for ren water. Ding at natal chart fortunately seperate by DM. Additional wood make water energy goes to wood it will make water dry, also additional fire make water dry its like when summer and the weather very hot make river dry.
    Ren water from LP come is good because it will support ren water at natal chart. Ding, Bing fire come from LP, year, etc not so good because it will additional fire to natal chart. But we need see one pillar like next year is bing shen. Even bing support fire but shen will bring metal energy also support water. Chen shen will combine and it is root for ren so it can means some even will not smooth but some event will be good for you.
    5. Yi is spouse element and wei will combine with mao and interaction si wu wei make fire and earth strong. Yi will support fire so sha will more stronger, its make you more feel press by spouse or circumtance. This analyst from year analyst.
    We see now is you rooster LP. First you rooster bring peach blossom and it will interaction with mao. Its means you will meet spouse and partner, its time to married, if you already married or have a spouse it can means you will have conflict but like I said focus or more closer with parents or children will avoid this conflict. After this we see year analyst, this year yi wei like I said before this year make you feel stress and pressed by circumtance or spouse so the best one is control your emotion and passion if you meet a problem. Because next year will be better.

    Gui Wei
    Geng Shen
    Bing Zi
    Jia Wu
    Geng at zi month need fire to warm the chart after that need earth to protect metal from overwhelming water. Bing at hs will make her have a comfort life because at peak of winter people miss the sun. Bing rooted at wu(year pillar) but it will interaction with zi. Zi sometimes combine, sometimes clash. So root of Bing stem not stable, it means her achievement or luck not so stable. Her achievement or luck will more stable or stronger when she is at middle age. After married and supporting from her mother make her life more beautiful or her luck more improve also increase. After have children, children will bring fortune for her. She need support from her mother, spouse in her life. Normally this chart like east and south sector which support fire. At first decade she goes north sector, her mother need teach her to `appreciate` old people because culture. Strong Hurting officer make her too much thinking also wateful, it can means her married not so smooth because hurting officer doesnt like to be controlled. West sector metal(bijian, rob wealth) support self to produce hurting officer, it is time to work and show her intelligence, and make money but her happiness or married or comfort life become weak. After that at south sector it is peak of life. She will enjoy, her luck will more stronger.

    Xin Chou (hour)
    Ding You
    Ren Chen
    Bing Chen
    Ding at Chen month which ding fire energy to wet earth. Energy Ding is weak because all energy goes to output. Its like small fire meet earth. Behind Ding have Ren water. Ding always attract ren water its making your life feel pressed by your circumtance. Metal at hour pillar and rooted make you have a lot of chance to get money but your power not so strong to get it.

    Your circumtance like small fire meet wet earth and have a lot metal plus water. You cannot get all of chance in your life based on natal chart. Bing fire at year pillar will support you its means you need someone to support you to get big fire so you can get your chance but bing fire is rob wealth its means when money come you need to share with others. In destiny language it means when money come you just get half or maybe the other get a lot but you lost.

    Your luck pillar when you were child until 42 years old is support your fire so you have more power but because your natal chart not balance your luck is up and down. When 42-47 you walk at metal decade it will bring wealth for you. It seems you have a chance but you cannot get it. It makes you more stressfull and feel press by circumtance. You need have partner, work with someone, or you need have a boss so it will support you to get money if you one man show your luck will up and down with litte power.

    After 42-47, your power will increase again (47-52). Ding fire will get support but probably you will fighting with other to get some achievement but no one can get it so its better when Ding fire come you can get more partner to support your luck, if you already get partner dont seperate with them.

    In your natal chart it seems like you want to show you have authority or you attract to much with authority but it makes press you and fighting with other related authority but other will shine more bright.
    This year is Yi wei. This year is still summer energy, It will support you but this year bring earth energy its means you need extra effort to get something which earth produce metal(your wealth). You need get a partner or boss to help you get your energy. Yi is wood, and its means support from heaven so its means this is good year for you. Dont be greedy to get anything all you want, you need extra energy from someone. If possible your mother support you in your business or get wealth even she cannot help you all the time. Maybe she can be like your boss. So you have more power to get your wealth.

    Xin Wei (hour)
    Jia Shen
    Yi Wei
    Xin Wei
    Jia at wei month first need metal and second need fire because old wood become furniture. You have metal at HS and rooted at spouse palace its means you are dependable, have authority and also have power. After married your luck will increase.

    This chart will not afraid about money because this chart already have strong wealth, depend on owner chart fighting to get it. Overall good chart, even your life have a problem, you still have money in hand.

    Jia at wei month not considered weak. Yi at hidden stem of wei is a root for Jia. 3 wei at chart is strong root. :) And water at shen will support wood. Yi wood not always support Jia to be strong because yi wood is a leaf but yi wood will protect jia if metal overstrong. Jia is a big tree and need root so the tree will be strong. 3 Ding at wei hurting officer. Owner chart is smart because hurting officer produce wealth.

    Also at wei month, metal is strong too so killing will support resource. Normally xin metal cannot really control jia wood, Jia wood need geng metal so after married her luck will be increase. At her spouse is shen, shen bring 7k and resource so it means after married she will be control by her spouse and she get support from her spouse.

    She has indirect resource, she has talent but because indirect it could mean not formal study. indirect resource can means informal study so it is related art, beauty, fashion, etc. Direct officer meana she can show she is dependable can be a leader.

    Because jia sit at shen it can means her character not so stable it easily get up and down or moody. Overall is a good chart, if she do the best as she can she will easily get what she want. After west sector, she will go to north sector in middle age. It means she will learning, inprove her self, study, and get a lot of support to get what she want.

    Let me try to explain with my limited english language.

    Wei is tomb of wood, after jia wood died at wu month --> wood will be in tomb at wei, Yi wood(hhs) at wei like root for jia. It is like Ren at chen(tomb of water). Yang stem (jia) meet tomb (wei) it is root.

    Jia meet tomb or at tomb month it is root. Yi wood at HS is leaf it will protected Jia from overstrong metal. (For me HS is like imajiner, EB is condition). when Geng or xin come it will interantion with yi. Geng is Yi spouse, xin is 7K for Yi wood.

    HO, EG will protected DM from 7k or Do but bijian and rob wealth can protect DM from 7k, DO. Sorry i dont know if i can explain well. It is from qtbj.

    Her health related stressfull and happiness, she need more relaxed like practice spiritual art. So she can maintain her stress, also she has problem with her health related kidney, imune system, liver, etc. She better go to TCM for make her health balance.

    From health condition she need more balance at water element because metal energy need go to water and not direct clash with wood. But from wealth/luck this is a good char

    Xin Chou
    Ren Yin
    Geng Shen
    Gui Chou

    Ren at shen month first need fire to warm the chart. Second need earth so water can be controlled. Your chart at heavenly stem is a pure chart have metal and water. Normally your chart need fire but because shen and yin clash, no need fire again. Your life at first decade until now walk at south sector it make your life more harder especially related money and woman. Fortunately next year you already walk at east sector, Qi will more smoother. Your chart doesnt like fire, it is like little fire come to a river so when fire come you will lost related fire element. Fire related money and woman.

    Shen Yin clash make your eating god cannot work perfectly. It can means even you work hard, your achievement not so strong. Or it means your expectation is high but the result not same like your expectation.

    East sector will be better your eating God more stronger and make your qi will smooth, Chen decade come make interaction with shen so Yin not hurt again.

    You said your job related acupuncture this job to help people, your way will respond from heaven. Pure heart to help people make your life will be better. Even fortunate not directly come but problem and trouble will go away from you if you have pure heart to help people.

    Wu   Xin   Gui    Ren
    Xu   You   Chou   Yin
    Normally this chart like fire because chou month the weather is cold and need sun to warm whole chart. Gui and Ren protude make strong water. When water to massive need earth to protect xin metal. This person is smart, intelligent, and talented. If this chart walk in south sector which support fire it will be good. East sector is good too. North and west not so good because it will weakening fire, even at north and west sector support his intelligence but life will be too cold.
    Wu Yin
    Yi Si
    Xin Si
    Geng Xu
    Normally Yi at Si month need water because weather is hot. Geng metal (DO) and Xin metal(7k) protude and earth also protude support metal. This person has a lot of pressure and challenges. Cannot follow fire because have 7k and do, also cannot pure follow earth because born at 4am which is Yin hour. if follow earth it  will be fake follow and you will be problem with your self, mental problem or self problem. Your way support 7k and do and the problem will related mental issue even you can success got authority or rich spouse. And follow wealth doesnt like resource so when north sector you need maintain your health.
    Yin Si harm at day and hour pallace make him have a lot of travel related career, also his career not so smooth, or far from children at later age because career. When child his life is hard and it will better when middle age, also he has chance of success but the problem related resource. When gui come at HS it is ok because wu gui combine and transform. Now his LP at Bing Xu, Hurting is strong, it is time to show his intelligence, also Xu will bring wealth for him. It will be good LP until Ding LP. When Hai LP it will be complicated, because Hai bring resource, it will be interaction with Si snake and Yin tiger this LP make him tired and it could be related traveling, accident, mental issue, also his health. In my opnion Hai LP is not good for him. When resource come it will be go away and he lost his resource.

    Edit : Im forgot Yin Si harm make him not strong in his principle and mind it is easily change make his achievement in his dream not so strong.
    Ding     Ding     Jia      Wu
    Wei       Wei      Yin      Chen

    Your chart use Hurting officer/intelligence to produce wealth. You need work hard to gain your wealth. Your luck seems need step by step to upgrade your status and it use your intelligence. You will have a good career or position but for business or investment it need work hard, dont be greedy because your chart show clash between desire and intelligence or result, make your oppurtunity when wealth come not maximal. but overall your wealth and career from natal chart is ok just need working hard. Now your wealth luck this time is not smooth but it will become stronger at later age after your metal luck come when your age 54(chinese age),at this age you have a lot of oppurtunity but dont be greedy because even it come you need becarefull. The key for relationship is communication, just prepare before married because it seems not smooth in your relationship. next year you have chance to meet spouse or get married. Good luck.

    Yi                      Ding                Yi                  Bing
    Si                     Si                    Wei              Yin

    1. Ding at wei month first need wood so ding energy will continiously,
    2. double Yi wood protude support ding fire.
    3. Bing sit at Yin and rooted at double Si
    4. Ding sit at Si and ding born at Si hour
    5. Normally wood will be usefull god but in your chart wood become sickness too.
    6. Now you need earth to drain your fire energy so earth is most usefull god and earth will give birth too metal.
    7. You dont like water because when water come, your natal chart will counter it. It will be complicated life when water LP(north LP)
    8. Wood make you enjoy life, study, etc but your achievement not strong because wood will counter earth as your usefull god.
    9. Metal luck(west LP) will be good, from wealth perspective. but you need too know because your natal chart have many robbery, your wealth element need too share with them. It means when you doing business and go investment your wealth luck easily up and down(not maximal)
    10. Because wood is yongshen and sickness when earth at HS come from LP it will be counter by wood and its means you cannot show to the world you are intelligence person.
    11. Fire element its ok in your chart because fire help you to produce earth.
    12. Your luck generally will be good until 2030, when Hai LP start it will be complicated life.
    Hai luck you will married and you will meet some problem with your career.

    Geng LP probably you will meet some problem with your spouse because of rob wealth at year pillar, and dont be greedy related wealth because double yi cannot combine with one geng. Also it could be you will doing some investment but need joint venture with other because your wealth will be share with other.

    Zi LP will harm with wei it means problem related parents or boss or children. Zi LP will make you stress and have emotional problem.

    Xin LP you will have lost some of your money/investment because bing xin combine away.

    Ren gui different because the power of ren more strong than gui. Water will make your life change and you need adaptation especially related your emotion.
    From your chart you have change to be rich because at wei month metal is in guan dai so even your metal hidden in double Si snake it still usefull. Now your luck at metal LP so it is time to fighting to get your money. Rich or not depend on your effort but from bazi you have chance to be wealthy. Use your intelligence(earth) to produce wealth (metal).

    Also you can get happy married life depend on you can control the problem when LP not supported. It depend on your mind too. Even the LP not supported but not 10years full of problem, not every day, not every hour so prepare is the best.

    Your chart is hot, strong and you need to know also accept it. It like stove with big fire meet water, water will drained, and weakened metal so the best one is control your emotion with meditation, or spiritual art or religion so when water come you will be fine because your energy will change if you doing that. Also if you can change yourself your married life will be more smooth.
    Journey to my Roots.

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