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  • 2020 Overview
    « on: January 06, 2020, 03:31:14 AM »
    For a complete overview please read the whole article, Plan Your Life With Astrology, Horoscope 2020 Overview (In Depth!) – All Zodiac Signs. I'll share only the first part on eclipses. :)

    Here’s a list of all that’s coming in 2020:
    • Extra eclipses – extra changes in 2020
    • Lunar nodes change signs – set new goals
    • Two periods of no retrograde planets – full speed ahead!
    • Venus retrograde – where is the love?
    • Mars retrograde – nothing’s happening!
    • Mercury retrograde: analyze feelings
    • Jupiter in Capricorn almost all year – your biggest opportunities
    • Saturn in Capricorn almost all year – build and consolidate!
    • Pluto meets Saturn, Jupiter – where’s your power?
    • Jupiter meets Saturn – a new (Aquarian!) era begins
    • The Great Air Mutation – what you think DOES matter!
    (Venus Retrograde - source of the picture)

    Extra Eclipses In 2020 Signal Change
    One of the biggest indicators that 2020 will be different from other years is the number of eclipses that will occur. Typically, we experience four eclipses per year, two solar and two lunar. Eclipses generally arrive in sets of two, with a solar and a lunar in each set, and two sets occurring in a given year, about five and a half months apart. In 2020, we’ll see six eclipses. These extra eclipses signal change.

    Here’s a list of the 2020 eclipses:
    • January 10 lunar eclipse in Cancer
    • June 5 lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
    • June 21 solar eclipse in Cancer
    • July 4 lunar eclipse in Capricorn
    • November 30 lunar eclipse in Gemini
    • December 14 total solar eclipse in Sagittarius
    Lunar eclipses coincide with full Moons, while solar eclipses arrive at the new Moon phase. A set of eclipses usually consists of one each in opposite zodiac signs, for example, Cancer and Capricorn.
    (Solar Eclipse - source of the picture)

    Eclipses Changing To Different Zodiac Signs
    Notice that half the 2020 eclipses will occur in Sagittarius and Gemini, while the other half will occur in Cancer and Capricorn. This mix indicates we’re in an overlap period, when the eclipses are shifting from the Cancer-Capricorn polarity to the Gemini-Sagittarius one. Also notice that four of these events will be lunar eclipses, while two will be solar ones.

    Eclipses Bring Change
    Eclipses bring change. Not all of them will affect you personally, although you may see their effects on people around you and in the world at large as major events. A particular eclipse tends to be important in your life if it occurs in a sign that’s highlighted in your chart (such as your Sun sign or rising sign) or if it happens in a degree that’s sensitive in your chart (such as 12 degrees of Aquarius, for example, if you have planets at or close to 12 degrees in Aquarius or around 12 degrees in any of the other fixed signs).

    About Lunar Eclipses
    In general, lunar eclipses bring closure or endings. Think of them as doors closing so you can move on to something more appropriate to your level of development, much as the doors of elementary school close to you once you move on to middle school. At that point, you’re ready to move on, and it’s time for change. If you’re a Cancer or have Cancer as your rising sign or midheaven, or if the Moon is prominent in your chart, you may feel lunar eclipse energies more strongly. It’s helpful to clear your schedule around these times so you can process whatever emotions come up for you.

    About Solar Eclipses
    As for solar eclipses, they tend to bring new beginnings. Think of them as doors opening so you can have new adventures, meet new people, and grow more fully into your potential. If you’re a Leo, or you have Leo as your rising sign, Moon sign, or midheaven, or if the Sun is highlighted in your chart, you may feel solar eclipses strongly, regardless of the sign in which they occur. Slow down and pay attention to what comes up for you around these times and give yourself time to meditate so you can apply whatever you learn to create something new.

    Eclipses Will Close Out The Old, Bring In The New
    With so many lunar eclipses in 2020, it’s likely we’ll experience events that help us close out the old in our lives. It’s as if we have double the number of chances to get this right by letting go of what has run its course. By allowing ourselves to move on from what we’ve outgrown, or what no longer serves us or creates the highest good for everyone, we can enter new and better territory. The solar eclipses will help us do exactly that, by opening opportunities to embrace the new. Mark your calendar for the December 14 solar eclipse in Sagittarius, a total solar eclipse that’s likely to bring some fireworks – and big opportunities.

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    2020 Overview
    « on: January 06, 2020, 03:31:14 AM »
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